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Camera-Based Driver Activity Recognition for Driver Monitoring System
Abto Software has delivered a Driver Monitoring System for our client, a $50 billion public corporation. The software application recognizes 6 types of driver’s actions in real-time from a single vi
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Hardware / Embedded
Abto’s Automated Counting Solution for Production Lines
Read about our Bakery Products Counting Program - a MATLAB-based system that can be used for counting any products on production line with the help of video cameras.
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Mobile Development
Counterfeit Product Detection Using Smartphone
Our computer vision engineers built a mobile app that allows you to detects counterfeit consumer goods with 95% accuracy using your smartphone.
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Construction & Real Estate
Phantom Scanner – Mobile 3D Reconstruction Model Application for Real Estate
Check out the description of our iPhone, C++, Matlab-based research and modeling project for a Canadian real estate agency to create a 3D reconstruction of an apartment by any mobile device.
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Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) of Handwritten Text
Our team developed an intelligent character recognition software that verifies tests by checking whether the handwritten ID (the set of letters and numbers) on the test container matches the ID from t
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Augmented Reality Video Editing App
Abto Software dedicated developers participated in the development of a unique real-time video editing app for company from Israel.
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On My Plate – keep an eye on your calories
Abto Software created a mobile application prototype named OnMyPlate. It calculates the amount of calories in meals from photos. Our software engineers applied image and volume recognition methods to
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Computer Vision Application for Blood Recognition and Analysis
This C++, MATLAB, Python, OpenCV-based computer vision application was created for blood recognition and analysis for our US customer.
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Biometric Application for Face Detection and Recognition
Our computer vision engineers developed a biometric application for face recognition allowing to extract features from person’s photos, then used to build a specific watermark for the photos togethe
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Object Matcher by means of Image Processing
This OpenCV, Java, Android-based project is on program to choose a certain image template, the closest to the specified, out of a set of image templates by means of an image processing method.
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