Our Customers

Abto Software successfully accomplished a number of projects diverse
in complexity for 200+ clients in the USA and Europe.


“It always was and is an excellent work together and we look forward for many years more. I definitely can recommend Abto for a nearshore center.”

We started to build a dedicated team in Lviv together with Abto Software 3 years ago. As a product vendor we rely on resources that can build up knowledge about our products long-term. Abto was able to provide us these services.

Andreas Meier

Head of Product Development at Skybow, Switzerland

“Such a good quality, paired with the promptness and a great price-performance ratio is very rare. But most of all we appreciate to work with the great people of Abto Software.”

Abto Software specialists developed a huge and extremely flexible SharePoint Client App for a Swiss customer providing various IT services, including development of software based on SharePoint and its extensions.

Philip Nussbaumer

Head of Products at Up-Great AG, Switzerland

“Abto’s flexibility helps deal with unexpected situations, which often occur in business.”

Stakeholders may change their minds, or suffer unexpected business shocks. Working with a company like Abto makes dealing with the unexpected easier.

Tony Clarey

Founder of an IT Consulting Company, USA

Our customers deliver a unique experience to the users worldwide, and we enjoy contributing to their complete marketable solutions.

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