Construction & Real Estate software development

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Construction & Real Estate software development


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Real estate software development

Abto Software provides full-cycle construction software development:

  • Custom construction ERP platforms 
  • Construction & real estate CRM systems
  • Finance & accounting management 
  • Data analytics and reporting 
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) 
  • AI chatbots
  • Enterprise-level application development
  • Legacy software migration and modernization

Team augmentation

Abto Software takes over challenging projects, no matter the complexity. To extend your team and cover the gap in expertise, we provide:

  • Software engineers
  • Software architects
  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA specialists
  • Project managers

Real estate & construction solutions delivered

Online marketplaces: B2B, B2C, C2C, P2P, including property, real estate, home services, contractor portals.
Image and video analytics: site monitoring and surveillance, property inspection and analysis, fall detection, compliance monitoring and reporting. 
Property and facility management: vendor and contract management, tenant communication and support, integrated property management software, IoT for building automation, asset tracking, energy management, facility inspection, remote monitoring and surveillance.

Abto’s real estate & construction development services 

Real estate & construction software development

Real estate & construction software development

Abto Software delivers applications to empower construction and real estate across their business operations, from day-to-day property management, booking and leasing operations, to procurement, scheduling, tracking. Our team can design web and desktop solutions to accelerate key operations, mobile apps for iOS and Android to streamline unhindered communication and collaboration, and integrate on-demand services to boost business performance.

Construction legacy software modernization and upgrade

Construction legacy software modernization and upgrade

Abto Software possesses knowledge and experience in modernizing and upgrading legacy software and tools. We migrate existing applications using modern technology stacks to ensure greater flexibility and scalability, and eliminate adoption risks.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations

Disparate applications, database integration – no problem, our company covers smooth third-party integration. Our experts can integrate BIM software, ERP/CRM systems, rental and booking platforms, listing management, tenant and resident portals, and other essential solutions to empower construction and real estate.

Construction and real estate RPA software

Construction and real estate RPA software

Abto Software’s robotic process automation solutions, tailored for real estate and construction, can facilitate everyday activities all across project planning, site preparation, rental, leasing, appraisal, valuation, and more. Experience optimized resource allocation, data entry and extraction document management, and intelligent workflow automation to achieve greater productivity.

Data warehousing 

Data warehousing 

Building cloud-based data warehouses, we cover every stage – architecture design, infrastructure configuration, data migration, DevOps practices, data storage and security, containerization, orchestration, and elasticity. Forget about inefficient communication and workflows, optimize processes across departments and locations –  we utilize cloud computing to enable business continuity, disaster recovery and backups, automatic updates, integration capabilities, and accessibility.

AI modules for construction

AI modules for construction

Our company offers value-added AI modules to bring more opportunities to both construction and real estate. By leveraging machine and deep learning, computer vision, and NLP, our engineers design comprehensive enterprise-level solutions facilitating operation, recognizing patterns, preventing fraud, and transforming administrative processes.

Data science & technology to improve real estate & construction

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Construction & real estate expertise

BIM (Building Information Modeling) software
Real estate & construction ERP and CRM systems
Real estate property management, facility management and maintenance
Property listings & marketplaces
Rental and booking platforms
Tenant and resident portals
Lease management and administration
Construction applications for field data collection
Utility billing, energy management
Accounting, transaction, financial management, online payments
Machinery and equipment inventory
Construction quality control and defect management
Resource and labor management
Document management
Construction’ workforce surveillance monitoring
Tech-enabled brokerage

Abto helps you to:

Obtain required technology expertise
Achieve high product performance
Minimize time-to-market
Drive performance and revenue

Successfully delivered construction & real estate solutions

Now more than ever, construction and real estate need innovation to incorporate data-driven decision-making and transform project planning and management, property investment, and leasing.
Our applications are designed to transform property management, construction processes, rental bookings. Abto Software adds value by implementing modern-age technologies – artificial intelligence, computer vision – to facilitate construction and real estate business performance and return-on-investment.


AI-based solutions for construction & real estate


Web platforms


Marketplace platforms


Management systems


Mobile apps for construction & real estate


Third-party integrations

Regulatory compliance

As an offshore software development company, we value data privacy, accuracy, transparency, and security. Our products are designed with respect to the acknowledged regulations and guidelines to ensure user safety and eliminate business risks.

Abto Software’s regulation and compliance expertise:
  • Data protection and privacy: GDPR, CCPA
  • Financial guidelines: FCA, SEC, AML, KYC
  • Building codes: IBC, NBCC
  • Safety requirements: OSHA, CDM
  • Environmental regulations: LEED, EIA
  • Accessibility regulations: ADA, WCAG

Creating easy-to-integrate real estate software solutions that convert

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Abto’s real estate & construction development portfolio

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Tools & technology stack


  • AI, ML, and Deep Learning and NLP

    AI based recommendation systems, AI chatbots to boost customer service, image and video analysis, equipment and infrastructure maintenance, design and optimization automation, property visualization, contract analysis through NLP.

  • Computer vision

    Object recognition and tracking on sites, automatic measurement and estimation of spaces and dimensions, site safety and compliance, real-time surveillance, progress monitoring and reporting, virtual walkthrough, asset management, inventory tracking.

  • Big data and analytics

    Data warehouses, risk assessment, data analysis for construction site optimization, real estate demand forecasting, targeted marketing, pricing optimization.

  • Blockchain technology

    Identity verification, immutable documentation, asset tokenization, property ownership record management, smart contracts for transactions, dispute resolution, fraud prevention, material traceability, and more!


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