An AI-based cashierless checkout retail solution

Cashierless checkout, a technology to automate in-store checkout
by using artificial intelligence

Cashierless checkout

Abto Software’s easy deployable cashierless checkout can ensure sensibly faster and easier in-store checkout. By leveraging advanced techniques – artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision – our solution helps clients instantly optimize the entire checkout process.

By enabling automated checkout, forward-looking enterprises can attract new customers providing contactless and hygienic shopping experience.

A solution to navigate post-pandemic times!

Cashierless checkout

Retail augmentation: cashierless checkout

A camera is installed on top of the cashier station
Our product recognition solution is integrated to identify and count the products moving along
The scanned product IDs are passed to the POS terminal for payment

Checkout software to optimize shopping experiences

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We bring innovative technology

To retail equipment providers:

solutions suppliers and checkout counters manufacturers

To outlets:

convenience stores, retail chains, and supermarkets

Delivering value

To retail equipment providers

AI-based cashierless checkout software to introduce a next-generation cashier solution and enjoy:

  • Better market penetration
  • Evident technological leadership


To retailers

AI-based cashierless checkout software to boost store performance and enable:

  • Improved checkout speed
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased turnover rates
  • Reduced labor costs


To shoppers

Frictionless shopping with cashierless checkout software:

  • Minimized waiting times
  • Facilitated checkout process
  • No product self-scanning
  • Contactless, hygienic shopping

Future-proof your retail business by implementing checkout software

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Key features

Already automated cashier stations can be instantly upgraded only requiring fair-value investment

One product recognition server can support several automated cashier conveyors

The list of automatically recognized products can be easily extended

The product recognition model in all chain locations can be simultaneously updated

Core technology

  • Computer vision
  • Image and video processing
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning
  • Product recognition and counting

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