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Booking service price aggregator
Abto has entered the collaboration to develop an unprecedented direct connect distribution API for the booking service price aggregator, which allows resellers and distributors to connect with hospita
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Telemedicine platform for US healthcare provider
During the project scope, Abto team delivered an easy-to-navigate, cross-platform telemedicine platform for US healthcare provider to facilitate healthcare delivery.
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Package & delivery management
Our team covered a package & delivery management platform extension services for a trusted provider of all-in-one logistics solutions to significantly accelerate package and delivery management in hig
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Construction & Real Estate
AI enabled real estate marketplace
Read in detail about how we delivered an AI-enabled real estate marketplace that generates relevant recommendations to facilitate property search and matching to streamline greater customer reach and
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Belt-drive systems engineering toolkit
In this project, Abto modernized the belt-drive systems engineering toolkit for a leading manufacturer in the machinery industry. Learn how we migrated outdated technologies (VBA, VB6, and LISP) to th
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Automated document generation solution
During the project, Abto worked on development of cloud-based automated document generation solution which allows creating and updating documents skipping used manual tasks and to maintain the most re
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Energy & Utilities
EHS compliance reporting platform
In this project, Abto Software took over the implementation of an offline mode for a custom EHS compliance reporting platform.
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Energy & Utilities
Renewable energy community network
Our team took over the development of a cloud-based environment for renewable energy community network that simplifies the interaction between organizations and providers in the cleantech industry.
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