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Bike & helmet

Bike & helmet

Our custom bike & helmet detection tool allows us to detect, track and analyze traffic of the desired area and its individual participants.

Gathering information about every biker and non-biker entering and leaving the path, you get various options from scheduling to enhancing public and cyclists safety.

Our system enables you to easily:

  • Gather, access and analyze real-time data
  • Stop or end sessions when needed
Our system enables you to easily:

Thanks to our tool, you can easily determine how many traffic participants are using the path at any given time, as well as review who and when enters and leaves the track, including bikers, scooters, and even pedestrians. This technology notably simplifies data management and provides for multiple business opportunities.

Abto Software provides a fully automated solution that employs Computer Vision to detect and analyze what is going on on a multi-lane track by utilizing the most streamlined approach and providing easy-to-process data. At the given point, we offer an advanced bicycle, pedestrians, bike helmets, and speed tracking system that can be implemented for traffic monitoring purposes.

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Bike & helmet detection

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How to use our recognition solution

Make use of smart bicycle and helmet detection

Our very own camera-based recognition solution is designed to simplify traffic management and optimization. The system is trained for object detection, tracking and identification.

The solution’s features include:

Bicycle detection

Bicycle detection

The algorithm quickly detects visible objects and separates them from each other and from the background.

Object counting

Object counting

The machine can count visible objects on the multi-lane track.

Speed recognition

Speed recognition

The tool provides for speed recognition, which can be used to optimize city traffic.

Helmet detection

Helmet detection

The tool has the built-in functionality of safety helmet detection, which can be used to improve road safety for cyclists.

Instantly access relevant data

Our smart recognition solution is built to quickly collect, process and analyze relevant information about traffic. It can be used for many different scenarios, from improving public surveillance to developing cycling culture.

Instantly access relevant data

Notably improve public surveillance

With a high-speed camera and our custom solution, state institutions can improve public surveillance in four easy steps:
Mount a high-speed camera over the monitored area
Set the desired limits
Detect every biker entering and leaving the track
Receive alerts about bikers not wearing necessary headwear or speeding

Drive interest in the cycling culture and boost public health

Another advantage of the described product is that it can be used to develop cycling culture and motivate more people to adopt new habits, which can significantly improve public health.

Areas of use

Our object recognition solution, which utilizes computer vision, helps automatically gather, review and analyze collected data to optimize different operations such as:

  • Transportation and construction planning
  • Territory monitoring
  • City traffic
  • Advertising campaigns

We believe our solution can be extremely beneficial to businesses operating in various industries, which are retail & distributionconstruction, hospitality, and even government. The system provides for valuable insight, which can be used for both business scaling and improving public life.

Why choose Abto Software’s detection & tracking system

Our solution provides multiple business opportunities, no matter the industry:

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Make more out of promotional billboards by using the bicycle detection system for accurate traffic analysis, place selection, and smarter price justification.
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Attract your future residents by using car recognition to implement completely automated garage opening.
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Improve precise personality identification, territory monitoring, and security.
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Plan smarter road interchange and settle traffic incidents.

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