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Automate data entry, eliminate manual processing, and manage unstructured documents with our key-value data extraction software

Do you struggle with large amounts of historical legacy documents or dozens of new paper-based documents, low-resolution scans, different-template forms, and similar hard-to-manage documentation every day?

While using such documents cannot be completely avoided, eliminating their manual processing definitely is – our custom automated data extraction technology allows organizations to digitize paper-based routines, reduce time and cost, increase revenue, and drive business productivity by retrieving key-value information from tangled, unstructured documents.

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Abto Software’s automated data extraction software is the only product providing custom key-value extraction without preliminary optical character recognition training and burdensome template setting.

In the table below, we compared our intelligent automated data extraction solution with other ADE systems available on the market.

SolutionKey-value pairs extractionCustom keyword settingNo training requiredDifferent layout document processing (in one single batch)Table recognitionLow-quality document processingRotated document processing
Abto Key-Value Data Extraction
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Amazon Textract
Microsoft Form Recogniser
(small angle)
(small angle)
Rossumonly pre-trained invoices

Automated data extraction technology, key features

Automate data entry

Automate data entry

Automated data extraction allows to process relevant information to integrate it into business processes.

Extract valuable information

Extract valuable information

Hands-free data extraction allows to retrieve important information from diverse unstructured documents – financial and insurance forms, bank statements, receipts, invoices, and more.

Recognize texts accurately

Recognize texts accurately

Abto Software has industry-specific, extensive expertise in implementing OCR technology, which allows us to quickly tackle every challenge of accurate text recognition.

Automated data extraction technology, the benefits

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Set your own keywords

You can easily retrieve meaningful information using our automated data extraction software by setting custom keywords from any semi- and unstructured document and integrate it into your internal management system.
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Process documents in one single batch, no matter the layout

You can quickly extract key-value pairs using our automated data extraction solution without experiencing any limits associated with specific layouts or templates.
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Extract information without additional technical training

Abto Software’s automated data extraction solution doesn’t require any additional technical training – you can process documents right away, literally from day one.

How many hours are you spending trawling through unstructured documentation?

Small and large organizations typically spend many hours to extract relevant information from documents, scans, forms, and similar hard-to-manage documentation and convert it into readable format.

It’s time to optimize resource allocation and allow your employees to focus on critical, value-added activities – use our automated data extraction tool to drive business performance.

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