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Automate data entry and eliminate manual processing of unstructured documents with our key-value data extraction tool.

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Does your company struggle with large amounts of old legacy documents or receive dozens of new paper documents, low-resolution scans, and different-template forms every day? While using such documents in your day-to-day business operations often cannot be completely avoided, eliminating their manual processing most definitely is. Abto data extraction tool allows you to automate document processing, reduce costs, and save time by retrieving key-value pairs from any of your unstructured documents.

As per our analysis carried out in September 2019, Abto’s solution is the ONLY one that allows custom key-value extraction from unstructured documents without preliminary OCR model training or document template setting. See the comparison of data extraction solutions on the market for yourself.

SolutionKey-value pairs extractionOption to add own keywordsNo training requiredProcessing documents with different layouts in one batchTables recognitionProcessing low-quality documentsProcessing rotated documents
Abto Key-Value Data Extraction (small angle)
Amazon Textract
Microsoft Form Recogniser✓ (small angle)
ABBYY✓ (small angle)
docparser✗ (ROI setup)
Rossumonly pre-trained invoices

Benefits of Abto Data Extraction Technology

Set your own keywords
Retrieve meaningful information based on your set of keywords from any unstructured document in a format ready for further integration into your document management system
Process documents with different layouts in one batch
Automatically extract key-value pairs from your documents without being limited by document layouts or form templates
Extract information without additional training
Abto data extraction software is ready to use – process your unstructured documents without any additional custom training

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