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Scalable Applicant Tracking Software for the quick and efficient hiring process

ATS or an applicant tracking system is a platform that helps companies organize their process of finding and hiring candidates and matching them with vacancies. Such a system allows collecting and filtering candidate information to fill positions with the most suitable prospects.

It will be clear and usable to everyone who has to work for it — from recruiters to the company’s CEO.



SimpleContacts is an online applicant tracking system (ATS), which allows you to transform routine, long and inefficient hiring processes into flexible and visible activities. AI matching algorithms allow you to search, systematize and find the best match for vacancies and applicants. 

From managing applicant databases to facilitating the hiring process, SimpleContacts will help to optimize, simplify and improve all the functions necessary for the recruitment of candidates and tracking the effectiveness of the recruiters themselves.

Reporting systems include custom reports — the system will be an asset to any business. Our ATS software is flexible and highly scalable, which allows it to be an asset to a company of any size.

Applicant tracking system functionality

Vacancy and candidate management

  • Management of vacancy and candidates status. Track the time remaining to fill the position and calculate KPI for an appropriate vacancy.
  • Refused offers data collection and analysis.

  • Fast candidate data import from LinkedIn.
  • Vacancy and candidates profiles. Check vacancy information, edit status, add attachments and assign responsible recruiters, add comments, etc.

  • Activity log. Information about all users actions that were taken is saved to DB and can be tracked.
  • Vacancy and candidates real-time advanced search. Vacancy search with a wide variety of search criteria, for example, project, location, experience, and more.

Looking for a reliable ATS to streamline your hiring process?

Applicant tracking system advantages

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies take advantage of applicant tracking software. Here’s why:

Cost efficiency

Your recruiting experts will not spend time on routine work like filling-in candidates data and matching them to vacancies.

AI and a faster hiring process

View, compare, and work with candidate resumes with a few clicks, making the entire hiring process a lot more efficient.

Better teams

ATS software can filter candidates based on job requirements and their skill set. That helps find relevant and qualified experts that will form best-performing teams.

Secured applicant data

Different roles will have access to different types of data. This will protect you from loss and theft. Our software allows you to secure and limit access to sensitive data like salary and limit access with MS Identity Server.

Scalable solution

Our software can be easily scaled to large international companies that have offices in different regions.

Employers management

Profile of employer management. Access to all information, including open vacancies and ongoing projects.

Employer activity log. Information about all actions and vacancies that were added for employers.

SimpleContacts applicant tracking software reports

In addition to the aforementioned features, our ATS solution is also equipped with advanced reporting capabilities.

  • CV generation with any template will allow you to create a CV with your company design.
  • Custom report based on a set of applied criteria. Customization of fields for reports will allow you to get any required data.
  • Vacancies report. Information about the hiring progress and weak spots of each vacancy.
  • Candidate origin report. Analyze the different channels where candidates come from to learn which of them are more effective.
  • Time to hire. Monitor and analyze the full and average time it takes to fill a position based on its name and candidate competency level.
  • User performance. Detailed analysis of the performance of individual recruiters and the entire recruiting department. Monthly information about the number of new vacancies that were added, candidates that were moved to different recruitment stages, hired and refused candidates.
  • Each available report can be easily exported into an Excel file for quick access.

Make your hiring process more efficient with SimpleContacts


"We use the Simple Contacts HRM system for recruitment needs in our company."

“We have been using it for more than one year, and it helps us to manage our recruitment process, make different custom reports, analyze data for recruiting metrics.

I really like that the system is integrated with LinkedIn, and you can open candidates’ profiles with one click. The system helps with sending meeting requests, notifications and newcomer letters. I can easily open a vacancy in the system or attach a candidate to it. I see the target day and how many days vacancies are at work. These things I like the most.”

Iryna Cherkas

Head of Recruitment

Frequently Asked Questions

HR managers can easily monitor and update the status of all vacancies, quickly find information about a particular candidate, and analyze the efficiency of the entire recruitment process. As a result, managers can find suitable candidates quicker and form teams with the best talent.

We built SimpleContacts with the best development practices and the latest security trends in mind. That makes sure that your data remains protected at all times.

Recruiters and HR managers can use the ATS system to streamline their day-to-day responsibilities.

Yes, is an easily scalable applicant tracking software that companies of any size can use, including large enterprises.

The solution is highly customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

The cost of such a system depends on many factors, from the size of your company to the level of customization that you wish to make. Contact us to request a demo and obtain an estimate for your solution!

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