Simple Contacts

Scalable applicant tracking software to improve the standard recruiting process.

Our ATS or applicant tracking system is a custom platform helping companies organize their hiring processes. The solution allows collecting and filtering relevant information on candidates to fill corresponding positions with most positive prospects.

The solution helps finding and hiring suitable candidates, which significantly reduces costs, increases efficiency, and helps achieve core business goals.


Quick overview

Simple Contacts is an online applicant tracking system, which makes hiring processes more flexible and visible. By leveraging artificial intelligence, we provide HR departments with convenient, on-demand functionality. These include advanced search, easy filtering, and systemization of information on vacancies and candidates. By using the solution, our clients can transform repeated routines and make usually long and resource-intense HR processes such as interview scheduling and interviewing more efficient.

By optimizing talent acquisition and management, our clients can improve their productivity and profitability. Our software provides control over vacancies and candidates, vacancy requests, internal departments, applicant resumes, and reporting.

Accurate reporting is another custom feature that optimizes business operation by providing valuable insights. The software includes both ready-to-use and custom reports, which facilitate thought-out decision-making.

Simple Contacts’ core functionality

Simplified management

  • Status management for vacancies and candidates. Track exact time remaining to fill the position and calculate the KPI for the appropriate vacancy to find your candidate on time.
  • Refused offers. Collect and analyze information on the refused offers.

  • Informative profiles. Check details about vacancies and candidates, edit statuses, add attachments, and assign responsible recruiters.
  • Fast candidates. Import resumes from LinkedIn in a few clicks.

  • Advanced search and filtering. Utilize real-time advanced search and filtering to access relevant information about education and experience, relevant skills, projects, location, and more.
  • Activity log. Review all actions taken by users to track profile edits and ensure data security.

Looking for an easy-to-use, reliable ATS to streamline talent acquisition?

Why implement custom applicant tracking software

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies take advantage of applicant tracking software. Here’s why:

Cost efficiency

By implementing the ATS, you let the solution automatically handle repeated routines like manual data entry. This means, your recruiters can focus on hunting, interviewing, hiring, training, onboarding, and supporting suitable candidates.

Time efficiency

By using the applicant tracking system in your current workflows, you make relevant details more accessible. This helps your recruiters add, review, and compare job seeker, job application, and other relevant details much faster.

Skill availability

Custom applicant tracking systems can filter suitable candidates on key job requirements and their skill sets. And hiring qualified people means forming high-performing teams.

Data security

One of the features of the custom applicant tracking system to mention is the role-based access to information. We help you secure sensitive information with MS Identity Server.

Great scalability

Our software can be easily scaled to fit large enterprises that have their offices spread over different regions.

Head management

Employer profile. Complete access, including access to dashboards, vacancies, candidates, and all ongoing projects.

Activity log. Comprehensive information about actions and profiles for additional data security and control.

Accurate reporting

In addition to the aforementioned features, our solution also provides accurate reporting:

  • CV generation. Your employees can create CV’s with corporate design.
  • Custom reports. Thanks to customizable fields, your recruiters can create accurate reports with the required information automatically included.
  • Vacancy report. The ATS allows to review information about the hiring process and both strong and weak points of the open vacancy.
  • Origin report. Our ATS helps to get information on the different channels that lead suitable candidates to the open vacancy to determine the ones that are most efficient.
  • Time-to-hire report. You can easily monitor the full and average time it takes to hire personnel.
  • Performance report. You get an overview over each individual recruiter and the whole department.
  • Each report can be easily exported into an Excel file for more convenient access.

Make your hiring process more efficient by utilizing Simple Contacts


"We use the Simple Contacts HRM system for recruitment needs in our company."

“We have been using it for more than one year, and it helps us to manage our recruitment process, make different custom reports, analyze data for recruiting metrics.

I really like that the system is integrated with LinkedIn, and you can open candidates’ profiles with one click. The system helps with sending meeting requests, notifications and newcomer letters. I can easily open a vacancy in the system or attach a candidate to it. I see the target day and how many days vacancies are at work. These things I like the most.”

Iryna Cherkas

Head of Recruitment


HR managers can access and update relevant information, monitor activities, search information, and more. This way, HR staff can find suitable candidates with the necessary expertise much faster.

We designed the applicant tracking software with the best practices and latest industry tendencies in mind. Our engineers made sure that your sensitive information remains protected, no matter the circumstances.

The solution can be easily used through multiple different departments to improve day-to-day collaboration.

Our software can be used by both startups and enterprises, no matter the industry, size, type, and profits.

The solution is customizable and can be tailored to meet constantly changing market conditions and trends.

The cost depends on several factors, from industry to level of customization.

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