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Abto Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner providing professional ASP.NET services for over 16 years. If you are looking for experienced ASP.NET professionals – you are on the right page!

We provide advanced custom ASP.NET solutions tailored to cover your business needs.

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ASP.NET services by Abto

ASP.NET custom software development

Using an agile methodology, our team is able to cover your core business needs in the shortest terms. We focus on innovation and compliance with the latest trends. Our engineers make sure you stay highly competitive. No matter the goal, if it’s an POC, MVP concept, or turnkey product development, we deliver highly scalable, lightweight, secure, cross-platform solutions.

Optimizing performance

In order to make our clients more competitive, we are focusing on high performance. Thanks to our extensive ASP.NET knowledge, we determine product benchmarks and deliver intuitive, reliable, fast applications.

Migration from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core

When migrating, converting files can be quite challenging. Using deep ASP.NET experience, we ensure the data is secure and ready to migrate.

Migration from on-premise to cloud platforms

We help our clients successfully implement cloud applications and migrate existing solutions from on-premise to reliable cloud providers, including Azure, AWS, etc. The implemented cloud applications help resolve common issues, including scalability, flexibility, consistency, data protection, and increased responsiveness to market changes.

Integration with Microsoft platforms

We can deliver a custom ecosystem with integrated Microsoft platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint management software, to implement additional functionality. The mentioned MS platforms provide for more efficient resource planning, operational management, and other business benefits.

ASP.NET projects by Abto

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17+ years of experience in ASP.NET

Our engineers have the necessary knowledge and experience in .NET and ASP.NET to ensure high performance, easy maintenance and reliable data protection. Detailed information can be found in our portfolio.


50+ ASP.NET software developers

Our company comprises over 50 ASP.NET software engineers with extensive expert knowledge and experience. Regardless of the complexity of the coming project, we guarantee high-level quality and competitiveness of the final product.


77 successfully delivered projects in ASP.NET

Since the company’s launch in 2007, we delivered 77 projects in ASP.NET. 9 of 10 clients recommend us.


Up to 2 weeks to take on a new project

It takes us from a couple of days up to two weeks to take on a new project in ASP.NET. Our goal is developing unique applications that meet the market’s changing trends in the shortest terms.

Abto’s ASP.NET development tech stack

ASP.NET Web Forms
ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
Windows Identity Foundation
Windows Server AppFabric

Cooperation options

ASP.NET custom software development

Are you lacking talent and deep technical expertise to bring your idea to life? Contact us!

Lacking specialists?

Abto Software can cover your project from A to Z.

Let’s discuss your expectations and the core functionality to implement, and we will cover the rest. Our experts will take over the idea evaluation, workflow assessment, task distribution, product and project management, and further throughout testing.

Dedicated team

Is the current project taking up more time than expected? Contact us!

Burning deadlines?

Abto Software can provide you ASP.NET software developers, QA engineers and other technical professionals to strengthen your current in-house team.

Contact us to introduce skilled specialists to your internal team to cover the gap in development and accelerate the time-to-market. Our experts help you deliver a highly scalable, lightweight and secure product.

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Why us

Why us

Thoroughly selected talents

Practicing since 2007, we have made our recruitment process diligent and 85% efficient to hire the specialist exactly matching your requirements. No matter the scope and complexity of the planned project, our teams can deliver on-demand solutions to help strategic-thinking businesses reach their core goals.

50+ extended teams built in 17 years

In a frame of outsourcing Abto’s services, we provide IT professionals as well as well-coordinated IT teams to help you bring your ideas to reality. 10 of Abto Software’ teams worked on their projects for 5+ years.

We can double your team every month (up to 100 engineers).

Besides, based on your company’s unique needs, we also provide full-cycle custom software development. We cover every stage of the planned project from initial idea estimation, analysis, planning, and design to deployment.

Expert knowledge

We can bring even more value to products by leveraging:

And other cutting-edge technologies and approaches.

Market experience

Over the years, we delivered about 50 enterprise-level solutions for different market verticals. We are providing:

As well as other custom solutions for government, construction, telecommunications, and energy.

Tech stack











  • Cardano
  • Hyperledger
  • IOTA
  • EOS
  • Waves
  • Ethereum

Clients’ reviews

Tony Clarey
Tony Clarey
Founder of an IT Consulting Company, USA

ABTO’s flexibility helps deal with unexpected situations, which often occur in business. Stakeholders chenge their minds, or suffer unexpected business shocks.

Philip Nussbaumer
Philip Nussbaumer
Head of Products at Up-Great AG, Switzerland

Abto Software specialists developed a huge and extremely flexible SharePoint Client App for a Swiss customer providing various IT services, including the development of software based on SharePoint and its extensions.

Andreas Meier
Andreas Meier
Head of Product Development at Skybow, Switzerland

We started to build a dedicated team in Lviv together with Abto Software 3 years ago. As a product vendor, we rely on resources that can build up knowledge about our products long-term. Abto was able to provide us with these services.

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