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Automated document generation solution
During the project, Abto worked on development of cloud-based automated document generation solution which allows creating and updating documents skipping used manual tasks and to maintain the most re
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NFT marketplace
In 2021, our company was contacted by a US startup specializing in digital collectibles and serving NFT creators. The client was interested in designing custom NFT marketplace for viewing, renting and
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Banking & Finance
eCommerce Platform Adjustments for an International Company
Abto Software team provided qualified eCommerce platform adjustment by resolving the most critical client-facing issues, automating manual processes, improving platform performance, and more. Our team
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Cloud-Based e-Procurement Software Development
Business value of cloud-based procurement platform on project example. Find out how to make your e-procurement software ahead of the game.
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AI-Driven Medical Travel Platform
We have built a medical travel platform for our South Korean customer. We have ensured an optimal choice of the healthcare facility for patients through an AI-driven recommendation engine.
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Research / Engineering
Product Recognition for Smart Fridges and Intelligent Vending Machines
Abto proposes an AI-driven grocery product recognition model for vending machines and smart fridges. By automatically detecting what products the customer picks from the shelf it provides a frictionle
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ERP System Migration: Transfer Legacy ERP to Web
Results of ERP system migration for business, ERP data migration plan and realization, challenges, team and technologies.
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Digital Retail Solutions for Lime-Tec
For our client, a Swiss provider of Point-of-Sale and connected commerce solutions we developed digital retail solutions that transform any legacy or cloud-based POS system into an omnichannel POS wit
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Construction & Real Estate
AI-driven Fall Detection Module for Video Analytics Platform
Our Computer Vision engineers have developed a fall detection module that manages trip, slip & fall accidents in real-time. The solution generates an alert when someone falls down within the monitored
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Hardware / Embedded
Abto’s Automated Counting Solution for Production Lines
Read about our Bakery Products Counting Program - a MATLAB-based system that can be used for counting any products on production line with the help of video cameras.
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