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IT technologies are widely utilized in modern learning systems which successfully combine conventional classroom activities with computer based learning. Abto Software provides high-impact education and e-Learning software development services including solutions for home use, educational institutions and businesses aimed at training their employees. Our professional software developers create education and e-Learning applications that empower institutions to effectively educate their personnel or students by conducting distant education courses, live seminars, simulations, etc.

We create education and e-Learning development solutions of any scale and complexity primarily for Government and Healthcare organizations and use appropriate programming tools for that, such as .NET, C++, Flash, Flex, etc.


E-Learning Management Tool For Corporate Education

We live in a constantly changing environment, so adapting and learning quickly can be a determining factor of whether the company will become a dominant player or fall behind. So, most companies today have an e-learning management system implemented as a part of their corporate education strategy. However, traditional methods of education and e-learning can …

Eye & Gaze Tracking Software for Educational and Marketing Research

Abto Software engineers are working on a comprehensive project for our customer from Germany, the leader in eye & gaze tracking technologies. Eye tracking captures natural human behavior and provides unbiased data which empowers the researchers to make effective conclusions regarding person’s performance. Eye-tracking techniques with human-computer interaction as the concept background are used in diverse disciplines …

IUDICO, Complex Online System for e-Learning and Testing

IUDICO is an online information system that allows computerization of the whole process of e-learning and online education: to deliver online educational material to students and provide flexible testing tools, manage educational materials, track students’ training results and automate their processing, and cover lots of other tasks that are essential for building of the effective …

Evolution 3 – Multiplatform e-Learning Solution

Abto Software helped develop a new version of Evolution 3, one of the most groundbreaking e-learning Content Management Systems and authoring tools. Our customer CBTL GmbH, a leading German provider of high-quality complete learning solutions, is responsible for concept and design documents. The customer’s original system was developed on Flash platform, though to satisfy the market …

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