Scalable Retail & Distribution software development

A consistent and customer-centric shopping experience with disruptive retail technology

Scalable Retail & Distribution software development


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Custom retail software development

Abto Software provides full-cycle custom retail software development for startups, SMEs, enterprises:

  • Retail ERP software development
  • Retail POS software development
  • Retail and wholesale management
  • Multi-location management
  • CRM implementation
  • Data warehousing
  • Accounting and payroll management
  • Business reporting

Development team’ augmentation

Abto Software takes over challenging projects, no matter the complexity.

To extend your development team and cover the gap in expertise, we provide:

  • Software engineers
  • Software architects
  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA specialists
  • Project managers

Retail solutions we delivered

Business automation for cost- and time-efficiency: ERP, CRM, POS, OCR, data warehousing, payment handling.
Online marketplaces for improved omnichannel experience: B2B, B2C, C2C, P2P.
Logistics optimization for insight-driven decision-making: supply chain operation management, including warehouse and store, distribution, logistics, and everything in between.

Abto’s retail development services

Custom retail software development

Custom retail software development

We provide business solutions for desktop, web and mobile devices: B2B & B2C portals, eCommerce platforms, intranet portals, SaaS solutions, and more. From idea evaluation and web & mobile development, to support and maintenance, Abto Software delivers scalable retail & ecommerce solutions. With iOS and Android applications development, our team help businesses facilitate barcode scanning, GPS navigation, and reporting.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations

Our company covers integration with portals, shipping services, sales channels, payments systems, and more. Our clients obtain custom enterprise-level applications for retail with integrated CRM & POS solutions, payment methods, and customer service platforms. By ensuring data confidentiality, uncompromised integrity and availability, we eliminate unauthorized access, hacking attacks, and other common threats.

Data warehousing

Data warehousing

Abto’s engineers deliver cloud-based data warehouses, which aggregate and centralize business information. That enables more flexibility and scalability, enhanced security, and near-zero maintenance infrastructure, and improved communication between different departments, which is especially important for organizations that have multi-location warehouses and stores.

AI modules for retail

AI modules for retail

With ML, deep learning, NLP and computer vision, our engineers empower retailers to facilitate demand forecasting, pricing adjustment, risk modeling and smart product categorization. AI modules we incorporate for retail and distribution include smart chatbots, cashierless checkout systems, automatic counting for conveyor systems, automated data extraction, and more. CV helps to optimize your inventory, warehouse and store management for easier barcode scanning, product layout, theft prevention, and procurement.

RPA for retail and distribution

RPA for retail and distribution

By leveraging the technical advantages of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), such as automated data entry, process optimization, intelligent workflow automation, and seamless system integration, Abto Software enables retail and distribution businesses to streamline operations, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and improve overall business performance. Used for business automation, RPA helps to simplify repeated routines and save resources by optimizing performance monitoring, supply chain, logistics, distribution, and accounting.

Legacy software update & modernization

Legacy software update & modernization

Specializing in legacy ERP modernization & POS (Point-of-Sales) upgrade, to ensure outdated product’s security and scalability, productivity and performance, we provide software solution’s update and modernization with new functionality, code review and migration to a new technology stack.

Data science & technology to empower retail businesses

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Our areas of expertise

Point of Sale (POS) Systems
E-commerce platforms
Inventory & order management systems
CRM & ERP platforms for retail & distribution
CV-based body measurement
Payment integration and custom checkout
Omni-channel retailing
AI-based chatbots
Supply chain management
Automated checkout and cashierless systems
Data security and compliance
Store operations and management
Data warehouses
Integrations with third-party systems

Abto helps you to:

Obtain the technology expertise
Achieve high product performance
Minimize time-to-market
Drive return on investment

Successfully delivered retail solutions

Since 2007, we provide web and mobile development, third-party integration, data warehouses, and security. Harnessing the numerous benefits of AI and ML, computer vision, and other advanced techniques, we deliver reliable solutions that enable cost and time efficiency, data-driven decision-making, business automation, and improved omnichannel experience.


Retail web solutions


Marketplace platforms


E-commerce mobile apps


AI-based solutions for retail business


Reengineered & modernized software


Third-party integrations

Creating robust retail solutions that convert

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Abto’s retail development portfolio

Explore Abto’s portfolio

Tools & technology stack


  • AI, ML, and Deep Learning and NLP

    AI-powered recommendation systems, customer service and intelligent chatbots, demand forecasting and inventory management, fraud detection and prevention.

  • Computer vision

    Real-time shelf monitoring and stock management, automated checkout and cashierless systems, facial recognition and personalization.

  • Big data and analytics

    Data warehouse, customer insights and segmentation, pricing optimization and customer demand patterns identification, supply chain optimization.

  • Blockchain technology

    Tracking systems, supply chain transparency, quality control and ensured authenticity, secure payments and transactions, loyalty programs and customer data protection, and more…


We handle retail challenges using technology











  • Cardano
  • Hyperledger
  • IOTA
  • EOS
  • Waves
  • Ethereum

Clients’ reviews

Tony Clarey
Tony Clarey
Founder of an IT Consulting Company, USA

ABTO’s flexibility helps deal with unexpected situations, which often occur in business. Stakeholders chenge their minds, or suffer unexpected business shocks.

Philip Nussbaumer
Philip Nussbaumer
Head of Products at Up-Great AG, Switzerland

Abto Software specialists developed a huge and extremely flexible SharePoint Client App for a Swiss customer providing various IT services, including the development of software based on SharePoint and its extensions.

Andreas Meier
Andreas Meier
Head of Product Development at Skybow, Switzerland

We started to build a dedicated team in Lviv together with Abto Software 3 years ago. As a product vendor, we rely on resources that can build up knowledge about our products long-term. Abto was able to provide us with these services.

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