Fruit counting to automate produce conveyors

Completely automated produce counting
to obtain realistic oversights at every single stage of the fruit flow

Abto’s fruit counting technology is an automated solution that counts fruits & vegetables passing the conveyor. It provides the most efficient alternative to conventionally implemented approaches, thus revolutionizing inventory management, quality and waste control, logistics planning, and marketing.

Abto’s fruit counting software is using IP cameras mounted above the conveyors to capture produce passing. Additional information – fruit flow and number, capacity utilization, and more – can be automatically displayed on monitors in the processing or packing facility, instantly transmitted to an assigned manager or department, or exported to the packhouse software.

Our camera-based, enabled through computer vision, automatic produce counting technology turns ordinary roller and belt conveyors into innovative counting systems, thus benefiting:

  • Farming and agriculture businesses
  • Retail chains
  • Food processing companies
  • Food packaging companies
  • Food processing equipment manufacturers
  • Agricultural technology (AgTech) companies

Try our automatic fruit counting software to optimize packhouse operations

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Our automatic counting solution identifies different agricultural products:

  • Citrus fruit counting – oranges, clementines, lemons, mandarins, grapefruits, tangerines, limes, pomelos, we count them all
  • Pome fruit counting – apples, pears, nashi, quince – no problem!
  • Stone fruit, pomegranate counting – peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, mangoes, coconuts, and pomegranate, accurately counted to optimize your workflows
  • Vegetable counting – potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, brussels sprouts, cabbage, onions, and more

and transforms old-school conveyors into automatic counting machines with just one camera per line.

Data-driven insights changing decision-making

Our automatic counting system allows assessing produce flows by calculating essential metrics:

  • Current fruit flow – the number of fruits being processed at the very moment per minute
  • Average fruit flow – the number of fruits being processed on average per minute
  • Total quantity – the number of fruits being processed during observation
  • Capacity utilization – the proportion of the potential number actually processed

Automatic fruit counting technology to minimize manual processes

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Abto Software’s fruit counting to optimize packhouse operations

Get control over processing speed

Get control over processing speed

Set optimal processing speed by monitoring your conveyors

Minimize produce loss

Minimize produce loss

Cut post-harvest produce loss and calculate performance measures through automated inventory management

And optimize packhouse operations

And optimize packhouse operations

Adjust your everyday workflows in accordance to established reception and processing speed

Abto Software’s fruit counting – key features

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Superior accuracy

By integrating our technology, enabled through computer vision, you enjoy 95%+ accuracy
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Real-time insights

Abto’s produce counting solution can provide real-time updates on current fruit flows requiring minimal computing power
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Non-disruptive installation

Abto’s produce counting system can be quickly installed without pausing fruit flows

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