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Securing today, safeguarding tomorrow: Smart security to empower strategic leaders
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What is smart security?

Smart security instantly empowers the safety and security of individuals, property, vehicles, and information by integrating emerging technology into traditionally implemented measures.

Smart cities are currently moving away from using standalone technology lacking communication with assets. They’re opting for integration, bringing together data streams into centralized public safety software systems.

By incorporating transformative technologies, physical security can have noticeable impact on communities. From promoting workplace safety to safeguarding critical infrastructure, public safety software solutions benefit authorities, business leaders, and individuals.

What is smart security?

Smart security to address pressing issues

In 2022, more than $1 trillion US Dollar was lost by companies after incidents associated with physical security.

About 25% of companies have reported a decrease in value following incidents over 2022.

Why integrate smart security?

Smart security can transform your growing data sources to enable threat prevention, deterrence, detection, and response.

From answering emergency messages and calls to processing surveillance photo and video, as well as records, smart security can coordinate command centers, field personnel, and citizens, thus accelerating public safety.

Smart security to prevent:

Internal threats

  • Unauthorized access
  • System tampering
  • Asset theft
  • Asset misplacement
  • False alarms
  • Card duplication
  • Internal espionage
  • Workplace violence
  • Sabotage
  • Vandalism

External threats

  • Unauthorized entry
  • Physical attacks or terrorism
  • External tailgating and piggybacking
  • Vehicle-related thefts and break-ins
  • Identity theft and impersonation
  • Personnel kidnapping or threats
  • Sabotage by external agents
  • Protestor or activist disruptions
  • Burglary and external theft
  • Vandalism and property damage

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Abto Software’s security expertise

  • Access control systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Biometric identification
  • Video surveillance
  • Digital key management
  • Perimeter security management
  • Identity verification and authentication
  • Crowd management and monitoring
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Burglary and violence detection
  • Motion detection software
  • Emergency response software
  • Drone surveillance software
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Vehicle monitoring and tracking
  • Geofencing and location-based alerts

Abto Software’s security projects:

Fatigue detection for real-time driver monitoring

By utilizing deep learning, computer vision, face detection, convolutional neural networks (CNN), and others, we delivered a unique software solution, which enables fatigue detection for real-time driver monitoring.

By assessing excessive blinking, head tilting, and other common symptoms, the system can improve:

  • Public safety, in particular road safety
  • Public health, in particular driver well-being
  • Operational efficiency – the solution supports companies that use transportation services by reducing road incidents and downtime
  • Legal compliance – the solution empowers companies to eliminate reputational and financial damage by facilitating regulatory compliance
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Activity recognition for real-time driver monitoring

By harnessing extensive expertise in implementing computational technology – deep learning, computer vision, landmark recognition, pose detection, and more – we designed a value-added software solution that provides driver monitoring.

By recognizing different activities (eating, smoking, texting, calling, and others), the system can enhance:

  • Public safety
  • Public health
  • Resource optimization
  • Employee productivity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Legal compliance
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Activity recognition for real-time driver monitoring
Face recognition for custom biometric application

Face recognition for custom biometric application

Abto Software’s engineers delivered an on-demand biometric application, which implements facial recognition. By using computer vision, we accelerated the security and efficiency of the authentication process, now being 99% accurate.

Key features:

  • Improved processing through implemented image stabilization
  • Human face feature detection and comparison
  • Landmark points identification
  • Rotation vector calculation

Key benefits:

  • Improved authorization through implemented access control
  • Enhanced security
  • MAG analysis for various advertising and marketing purposes
  • Facial recognition payment system for both online and offline purchases
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