Application: security and surveillance.
Customer: an EU-based company, provider of brand security solutions.

It is more important than ever to increase security at events. To this end, we see more and more checks that rely on different forms of identification documents (IDs) such as driver’s licenses and passports.  Facial recognition is a powerful technology and can be used to improve events in many ways, from speeding up check-in to enhancing security, and personalizing the experience.

Abto developed a biometric application for face recognition solution allowing to extract features from person’s photos by means of computer vision. These features are then used to build a specific watermark and put it on the photos together with additional personal information (name, surname, etc.). The resulting identity document is printed out and can be scanned in order to verify personal data and efficiently identify the individual.

Project challenges:

  • to eliminate image orientation fluctuations caused by instability or motion
  • to increase image processing speed
  • to optimize computational costs of face recognition and feature extraction algorithms
  • to develop a solution independent of illumination variations and geometric errors

Key Features:

  • improved processing result through image stabilization
  • the face features detection and comparison
  • landmark points identification and rotation vector calculation

Business value:

With the use of computer vision and face recognition we were able to significantly increase the security and efficiency of the ID check process, now having 99% identification accuracy.

If you have a project idea, check out the rest of our computer vision expertise to see how we apply advanced image processing and video analysis to deliver value for our clients.


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