Demand Forecasting: AI-based Approach and Its Real-World Implementation

AI-based Demand Forecasting Improves Prediction Accuracy Abto Software has delivered a project aimed to improve the demand forecasting process on a monthly level for industrial goods retailers using ERP data records. After deeper data analysis and corresponding data quality assessment, project objectives were additionally specified and the focus of the project was shifted to sales …

Posted Aug 12, 2020

Introducing AI Chatbots in FinTech Industry

AI Chatbots in FinTech Industry

Expansion of Chatbots Chatbots became quite a hype during the last 3-4 years, especially in the fintech world, and the ongoing “rise of chatbots” is the result of rapidly growing data science and cloud computing with the vast computing power available. On the other side, one of the biggest drivers of chatbot development are the …

Posted May 27, 2020

Abto’s Guide to Choosing The Best Chatbot Framework for Intent Recognition

The Challenge At Abto Software we needed to create an intelligent English and German-speaking chatbot for customer support and intent recognition system for internal processes automation for one of our clients. That was needed to help the customer support department solve client problems in a faster and more efficient way by using natural language processing …

Posted Apr 30, 2020

.NET Based Modern Enterprise Architecture

Abto Software is a provider of quality ASP.NET solutions with comprehensive ASP.NET and .NET framework utilization. Today we share our practical experience by reviewing the ways of implementing modern enterprise solutions using Microsoft .NET ecosystem. ASP.NET Web App Development Build robust software applications with extensive functionality and diverse customization options. Read More There are many …

Posted Mar 19, 2020

Chatbots: Messengers of Robotic Transformation

Based on experience that our teams accumulated from chatbot solutions development we would like to summarize and share our thoughts regarding role of chatbots for modern businesses. Our Vision Chatbots in the modern digital economy are not just a hype or a trendy feature, there are lots of proven evidences how chatbots boost particular businesses. …

Posted Feb 17, 2020

Chatbot Ecosystem: Arts and Crafts of AI-powered Communication

Rapidly expanding market of chatbot solutions drives many businesses to discovery of value, benefits and competitive advantages of chatbots. In this situation companies that are planning to add a chatbot to their IT infrastructure are often not familiar with the principles and components of chatbots and so decision makers are in situation that they have …

Posted Jan 29, 2020

How AI-powered Data Extraction Helps Automate Document Processing

As OCR technologies become increasingly important for digitizing business processes we are looking for ways to perform text recognition more efficiently in terms of time, accuracy, and computational resources. Abto computer vision engineers have proposed a novel approach to data extraction that focuses only on the meaningful information within your files and retrieves key-value pairs …

Posted Sep 24, 2019

Camera-based Cyclists Detection and Helmet Use Analysis

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, proper use of a bicycle helmet reduces the odds of a head injury by 50%, while the odds of damage to the face or neck are dropped by 33%. While this fact is generally known, it is still hard to estimate the actual number of cyclists that …

Posted Jul 11, 2019
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