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Abto Software specializes in end-to-end ERP migration, ensuring a seamless transition from discovery to deployment and continuous support. In today’s dynamic business environment, a flexible and efficient ERP is critical. When existing systems impede business goals, ERP reengineering becomes essential.
ERP migration is a significant commitment. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Abto Software provides trustworthy solutions supporting long-term scalability.

Our expertise covers the entire Microsoft Stack, delivering transformative ERP solutions tailored to organizational objectives. Rely on Abto Software for proven methodologies and industry-best practices, aligning your business with strategic goals.

Smart technology not only empowers processes but elevates business outcomes. Legacy ERP systems hinder speed to market, escalate costs, and stifle innovation. Without regular updates, your ERP system risks compromised functionality and reliability, leading to financial losses. This summary outlines when it’s essential to initiate ERP data migration.

When should you do ERP migration?

Legacy ERP update challenges

If you haven’t begun the legacy application update, your ERP software may be causing one of these issues:

  • Cost and training
    Required investments in on-premise ERP and ongoing training for older platforms
  • Support hurdles
    Escalating costs hinder new upgrades, functionality, and adaptability
  • Scalability issues
    Limited multi-tenancy support and strained infrastructure with growing user numbers
  • User experience concerns
    Outdated UI/UX compromises overall experience
  • API constraints
    Limited third-party API access or restricted to specific parties
  • Competitive strain
    Competitors offer broader platform support with subscription pricing

Ongoing ERP migration challenges

You have already decided on ERP migration, but faced:

  • Cloud conversion complexities
    Converting on-premise ERP to the cloud requires balancing web/mobile interfaces and preserving desktop experience
  • Balancing act
    Maintaining a desktop user experience during ERP reengineering
  • Performance woes
    New ERP version from a vendor lacks optimal performance and usability

How Abto Software can help your company with ERP system migration?

For successful ERP migration, choose Abto Software for comprehensive technical due diligence. Our experts analyze user experience, architecture, security, scalability, and data consistency. We provide a reengineering roadmap aligning with your business goals, ensuring stronger operations, improved customer service, and advanced dashboards.
In-depth discovery
Issue identification and analysis during the ERP system migration process
Architecture evaluation before approaching ERP system modernization tasks
We handle ERP migration challenges successfully by optimizing legacy code, addressing inconsistencies, and aligning with future business objectives
We resolve ERP data migration challenges by conducting thorough testing, security audits, and ongoing technical support and maintenance
Implement a new, intuitive
interface with a detailed execution plan
core and modules delivery plan
Review and confirm all plans with the customer
An agile ERP migration process incorporating UAT updates, thereby adhering to the best practices
Set up and upgrade UAT and Production environments
Update admin and user docs, conduct end-user training
Offer expert assistance with
the upgraded ERP release
Provide ongoing ERP maintenance and support

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Medical practice management software

In 2012, we initiated an ERP migration for a client’s pharmacy management software, transitioning from desktop to web. This modernization streamlined workflow, processed claims, managed inventory, handled drug prescriptions, and verified medical insurance coverage. The success includes real-time reporting, seamless integrations, and exceptional system performance, expanding to a suite of EMR & EHR tools.

Benefits of upgraded cloud-based ERP solution:

  • Responsiveness to market changes and possibility to be adopted to corporate needs
  • Enterprise-level ready certification
  • HIPAA Standards compliance
  • Timely data provision with the highest accuracy level
  • User-friendly and intuitive web interface
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Medical practice management software
Energy efficiency management software for governmental institutions

Energy efficiency management software for governmental institutions

Energy efficiency continues to be a national imperative across EU, driven by the multiple challenges of the need for security of energy supply, dealing with fluctuating energy costs and addressing global climate change.
We developed a highly effective ERP software to monitor the usage of all energy resources that is used as a core tool to reach the energy saving objectives. Since 2011 the government and public bodies have been analyzing the energy consumption in this ERP solution, leading to €1 b+ in cumulative energy savings, surpassing their initial goals in half the time.

Benefits of cloud ERP system:

  • Introducing energy efficiency management software led to enormous energy savings each year
  • The system enabled the public institution to start to complete their sustainability goals of replacing traditional energy sources with renewables
  • The energy efficiency management software gathers energy data from all public-sector organizations in one online dashboard
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Migrating a legacy ERP system for a USA-based company to the web

Migrating and modernizing legacy ERP software remains a challenge for many businesses. Like others, our client has depended on in-house development resources to build and maintain the ERP system. A significant portion of their IT budget was allocated to maintaining legacy code and dealing with ERP solution rigidity.
Although the ERP system has served the company well, looking ahead, there was a commitment to continuous improvement for systems that enhance scalability and global capabilities.

Business value of the updated ERP:

  • Security & Scalability: the ERP’s flexible modern architecture accommodates users across web, mobile, and desktop clients. It ensures secure data access through a Public API and facilitates easy development of new ERP modules and integrations
  • Ease of use: the new UI/UX simplified the workflow for its users, unified UI of all modules
  • Productivity & performance: the comprehensive web ERP is able to handle thousands of new users as a company continues to grow
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Migrating a legacy ERP system for a USA-based company to the web

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