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AI-driven Chatbot solutions strategy and implementation for your Business

Empower communication with your customers using AI-driven Chatbots with continuous learning.

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You have to consider using AI-based Chatbots in case at least one of the following is true for your business:

  • you have been using rule-based chatbots and your analysts are overwhelmed with maintenance of thousands of rules and complicated choices
  • you are in the insurance, banking, e-commerce business and would like to automate customer service support
  • you have thousands of employees and would like to improve/automate human resource services and communication with your employees
  • your business is focused on younger audiences and you need to provide self-service solution available 24/7 for managing their assets (accounts, orders, etc.)


We deliver AI based solutions for Fortune Global 200 corporations.

Get a 30-minute consultation with our AI expert

Abto chatbot experts will suggest the most efficient implementation strategy for your business based on: your short- and long-term business priorities, software/hardware/data available, policies & security constrains, target users and our experience in this field. We can actively assist you in definition and implementation of such strategy after having discovery session(s) with your key stakeholders.

Key benefits of AI-powered Chatbot solutions Abto is delivering:

  • Continuous (self) learning by analysis of data collected from recent live conversations
  • Setup/amendment of conversation flows via Chatbot Admin page without developer involvement
  • Chatbot AI/NLP engine is centralized as a service (accessible via API, inside of organization) and can be used by any other backoffice solution that requires intent recognition, natural language processing, chatbot interaction
  • Support of unlimited intents recognition, conversational/human-like chatbots
  • Cloud or on-premise setup, voicebot/ERP/CRM integration, high extensibility and scalability

Approach to delivering Conversational AI Chatbots


  • meet key stakeholders and confirm short and long term business priorities
  • evaluate software/hardware/data available, policies & security constraints, target user audiences
  • agree about target KPIs

Solution design

  • perform initial data analysis (if data is available)
  • design principal design architecture and key AI/NLP technologies to be used
  • define scope of Version 1, plan delivery milestones, their cost and duration
  • Version 1: plan production delivery and maintenance
  • approve the entire roadmap with customer

Version 1 implementation

  • development most essential flows/cases agreed to get to market asap
  • start collecting feedbacks and store more conversational data
  • implement the most efficient user interfaces for desired communication channels

Next iterations

  • setup continuous training (if was not used yet)
  • implement new flows/intents
  • adjust solution according to user feedback from previous releases
  • start planning/implementation of contextual AI-based chatbot (human-like)


What we do

We apply natural language processing capabilities to your business use cases, including text mining and sentiment analysis of content. We help you augment the productivity of your employees by automating their customer service tasks so that they can spend more time on higher-value work.

Conversational AI solutions

Right Conversational Design Practices

We build conversational chatbots that your customers can communicate with through messaging which is now a preferred way to contact brands. Our design team is widely versed in conversation interfaces.

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Conversational AI solutions

Smart Chatbots Powered by NLP

We apply AI to every aspect of your chatbot. With NLP and machine learning we develop models that allow your chatbot to surface concepts, categories, sentiment, and apply human knowledge of best customer service agents. Such technology ensures the conversational chatbot understands the meaning behind the request.

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Conversational AI solutions

We connect your chatbot to any system or channel

As an enterprise, we understand you have digital channels and systems critical for your business. The way we design and develop chatbots allows for them to seamlessly connected to messaging channels, market-leading customer service desks, CRM systems like Salesforce or any other application across your organization.

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Use case

Conversational AI-driven Сhatbot for Multi Billion European Fintech Company

Our AI/NLP developers have delivered a conversational AI chatbot to automate customer service routine. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning techniques to recognize customers’ intent behind text inquiries. The solution can take a short conversation and do upsale. German and English languages are supported.

The customer service chatbot is able to display the user profile and updated balance within a chat interface.

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Main benefits

Chatbot Transformation

The conversational AI chatbot allows customers to enter inquiries in natural language, as they would with customer support employees. Trained on the real historical data, and powered by natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning techniques, the solution is able to not only answer user’s requests, but also ask certain questions in order to mimic real conversation and do upsales.

Business challenge

Recognizing that providing real-time customer service and support to customer financial queries would require allocating a lot of the additional employees, the company sought to use cognitive technology to enhance its customer experience and decrease support cost at the same time.
The goal is to automate up to 30% of customers’ support requests!

  • Handles routine conversations easing the burden on customer support staff
  • Recognizes typical customer services use cases for online banking (change company details, billing address, bank data, etc.) to quickly resolve easy requests so that agents can focus on helping customers with complex issues
  • Available 24/7 allows to cut resolution time drastically from days to just hours for most routine inquiries.
  • Agents can change conversation flows using Chatbot administrative UI
  • Continuous/progressive learning approach helps agents to improve overall accuracy
  • GDPR complained, private cloud installation
  • Does upsales and collects service satisfaction data
  • Supports German and English languages.
Technologies and Instruments:
  • Python, Docker, Flask, Redis, Rasa Core, Rasa NLU, Tensorflow, sci-kit learn
  • Natural Language Processing, WordEmbeddings, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Predictive Modeling (conversation management)

Conversational Сhatbot for European Fintech Company

Use case

Rules and AI Powered Chatbot to Increase Customer Engagement for JustAnswer, leading Expert Consulting Company

With more than 1 mln users every day seeking for expert’s help on the platform, JustAnswer is always looking for ways to improve and augment their services.
Having a chatbot as the first touchpoint on the platform helped our partner provide better, more personalized service to their customers.
The virtual assistive technology has been in beta testing for three years being trained on 16 million questions and answers in the company’s database.

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Main benefits

Business Value

Having an AI-driven assistant on their platform allowed our partner to:

  • Speed up lead qualification and lead processing, and Improve expert efficiency.
    A chatbot not only quickly engages potential clients but also gathers all the necessary information about them which is then handed off to experts or reps.
  • Increase conversion rate through delivering more personalized service. The bot can recognize more than 100,000 variables in conversation and ask context-specific follow-up questions. It can quickly determine the client’s problem.
  • Promote premium services. People whose first interaction on the platform was with a chatbot were more willing to buy a premium subscription.
Technologies and Instruments:

AAI, ChatScript, flask, gunicorn, machine learning algorithms, nginx, Python, scikit-learn

Developing AI Chatbot that Helped JustAnswer, leading Expert
Consulting Company Increase Customer Engagement

AI Expertise

It is vital to choose the most efficient technologies and programming languages for chatbot implementation considering short- and long-term business goals. Factors like export chatbot training data, rules/configuration, migration to human-like contextual solution must be considered while planning journey.

Data Science

  • Data mining
  • Predictive analytics
  • Recommender systems
  • Time series analysis
  • Digital signal processing
  • Probabilistic programming
  • Bayesian models
  • Advanced statistics
  • Data visualization

Machine Learning

  • Neural networks
  • Deep learning
  • Autoencoders
  • Generative models
  • Transfer learning
  • Self-supervised/Semi-supervised techniques
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Clustering
  • AutoML
  • Gradient boosting
  • Decision trees and random forests

Natural Language Processing

  • Word embeddings
  • RASA

Tools and Frameworks

  • Tensorflow/Keras
  • NumPy & SciPy
  • Scikit-learn
  • Apache Spark (MLlib)
  • Caffe
  • OpenCV
  • AWS machine learning
  • Matlab

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