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Secure government software development


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Custom government software development

Abto Software provides full-cycle government software development for the public sector:

  • Data security and encryption solutions
  • Compliance and regulatory software
  • ERP & CRM systems
  • Document management systems 
  • G2C & G2B portal software development
  • Public finance management systems
  • Government data analytics and reporting tools
  • Legacy software migration and modernization

Team augmentation

Abto Software takes over challenging projects, no matter the complexity. To extend your team and cover the gap in expertise, we provide:

  • Software engineers
  • Software architects
  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA specialists
  • Project managers

Government solutions we delivered

Biometric extraction (face detection and recognition), image and video analysis (license plates and vehicles), and other advanced solutions, enabled by computer vision and OCR, to facilitate public safety and surveillance.
Management systems to empower public entities (public transportation, city traffic, and more); these include ERP, CRM, and document management systems.
Data warehousing and security for protected data sharing, policy formulation, fraud detection and prevention, risk management, emergency response, and transparency.
Business automation and analytics to modernize legacy software and empower digital transformation.

Abto’s government development services

Custom government software development

Custom government software development

Abto Software empowers government operations with tailored applications. Our solutions cover policy creation, public administration, finance, regulation, and more. End-to-end development services for government: from idea evaluation to support and maintenance. Web and desktop solutions to streamline large-scale operations, iOS and Android apps to empower government agencies with features like secure data handling, GPS integration, and robust reporting capabilities.

RPA for government sector

RPA for government sector

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for the government sector simplify routine tasks, improve performance monitoring, and optimize processes across supply chain management, logistics, distribution, and accounting. Experience the benefits of RPA in the government domain for enhanced efficiency and resource utilization. To optimize government operations, we provide automated data entry, process optimization, and intelligent workflow automation to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations

Our company specializes in seamless disparate applications and database integrations for government entities. We integrate with portals, government databases, secure payment systems, and more. Abto’s custom solutions provide government agencies with streamlined processes, integrated CRM and data management, and enhanced security measures. With our expertise, ensure secure data handling, eliminate unauthorized access, and enhance efficiency in the government sector.

Cloud based data warehousing for government

Cloud based data warehousing for government

Abto Software offers cloud-based data warehousing solutions tailored for government organizations. That includes assessing existing IT infrastructures, roadmap creation, cloud architecture and deployment, and other critical services. Data warehousing solutions for government agencies to effectively manage and analyze large volumes of data, improve communication between departments, and optimize operations across multiple locations. Experience the benefits of near-zero maintenance infrastructure and streamlined information management.

AI modules for government

AI modules for government

Abto Software offers advanced AI modules tailored for government operations. Leverage the power of machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and computer vision to optimize processes such as demand forecasting, risk modeling, and intelligent data categorization. Our AI solutions for government include smart chatbots, automated data extraction, OCR and biometrics scanning. Enhance inventory management, streamline operations, prevent fraud, and improve procurement with our cutting-edge AI technologies.

Legacy software update and modernization

Legacy software update and modernization

Abto Software specializes in updating and modernizing large and complex legacy software systems used by government agencies. These systems can be outdated, heavy, and pose various risks due to their age and potential vulnerabilities. Our expertise lies in migrating these systems to modern technology stacks, ensuring scalability, security, and improved performance. With our solutions, government agencies can mitigate risks, optimize operations, and embrace modern technologies while ensuring continuity for users.

Data science & technology to empower public authorities

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Our areas of expertise

Public administration solutions
Emergency management solutions
Public sector ERP platforms
Public services Citizen Relation Management (CRM) systems
Government regulatory compliance solutions
Robotic process automation
Automated data extraction for document digitization and workflow automation
AI powered chatbots
Data security and privacy measures
GIS systems for government
Electronic document management
Financial management systems
e-Government Solutions
Government reporting and analytics

Abto helps you to:

Obtain the technology expertise
Achieve high product performance
Minimize time-to-market
Drive performance and security

Successfully delivered government solutions

Public authorities must deal with domain-specific unique challenges – regulatory compliance and government transparency requirements among others.
Our high-end, reliable applications allow customers to facilitate workflow efficiency, minimize overwhelming legacy software maintenance costs, and timely take action to meet the ever-changing industry requirements. Abto Software is utilizing cutting-edge technology – artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, computer vision – to improve governmental security, analytics, transportation, resource management, as well as public community services.

Regulatory compliance

As an offshore software development company, we value data privacy, accuracy, transparency, and security. Our custom government solutions are designed with adherence to guidelines and frameworks in both the US and EU to ensure data safety and privacy relevant to government institutions.

Abto Software’s regulation and compliance expertise:
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Legal and regulatory research
  • Government security best practices
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Government reporting and accountability
  • Interoperability standards
  • Audit and compliance monitoring
  • Document and records management
In particular:
















Creating robust government solutions ensuring security

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Abto’s government development portfolio

Explore Abto’s government portfolio

Tools & technology stack


  • AI, ML, and Deep Learning and NLP

    AI based recommendation systems and chatbots, predictive analytics, fraud detection and prevention, predictive maintenance for infrastructure, image and video analytics for surveillance and safety.

  • Computer vision

    Facial recognition, public safety and surveillance, automated vehicle detection and plate recognition, inspection systems, border security, smart city, traffic monitoring.

  • Big data and analytics

    Data warehouses, risk assessment, data-driven policy-making, sentiment analysis, accountability metrics, demand forecasting for better resource allocation, GIS systems for insight-driven urban planning and design, law enforcement through social network analysis.

  • Blockchain technology

    Identity verification and management, voting systems, land registry, property ownership record management, smart contracts for procurement, financial management and accountability, digital credentials and certificates, notary services, document timestamping, and more!


We solve healthcare challenges using technologies:







  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • XML
  • XSL


  • Cardano
  • Hyperledger
  • IOTA
  • EOS
  • Waves
  • Ethereum



What is custom government software development?

Government software development services are the complex process of designing software applications specifically tailored to meet the needs and requirements of organizations and agencies in the public sector.

  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Solution design
  • Software development (web and mobile development)
  • Solution deployment and implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Can the government application be integrated into already existing ecosystems?

When providing government software development services, Abto’s engineers prioritize uninterrupted, smooth integration into already existing systems to ensure business continuity, data accuracy and consistency, user adoption, and scalability.

Will the delivered application be compliant with local regulatory requirements?