Offshore Software Development Services

ABTO Software is a custom software engineering company providing full cycle of software development services including requirements analysis, math/physics experts, UI/UX, DevOps, quality assurance, project management and 3rd level of support and maintenance.

Over the last 10 years we have earned rock solid reputation on the market. We help businesses like yours to target their business goals, solve team skills shortage and embrace innovation. Our customers rely on us completely in terms of software technology, so they can concentrate on core business activities. You can see what our customers think about us here  and on our Clutch profile.
We earned such feedbacks employing engineers with world-class education, deep technology & domain expertise, cutting edge technologies & science, proactive & open mindset together with getting things done management.

Why outsource Software Development to ABTO Software

Software Outsourcing has become the buzzword in the current business world. Proper long-term software development partnership can provide unparalleled business value to most of businesses today.
ABTO Software is a best partner for all small to medium businesses who require:

  • Teams with delivery experience in your industry. Teams of people who successfully delivered projects on your market, understand your business domain. That significantly increases value our teams deliver to you.
  • Scalability. We are able to bring in new experienced engineers to your team much faster. We can double your team in one month ( up to 100 engineers).
  • Cost effectiveness & reduced time to market. Workforce in Ukraine is more affordable than in the United States, Canada or European Union; also, our middle management cost is quite reasonable. That is why we are able to provide cost effective prices. In addition, our technology and domain experience together with resources scalability are crucial to deliver your product to the market ASAP and with a great quality.

Your team engagement model

We have experience building effective and long-term software development teams. For  JustAnswer, our customer from the U.S. we have set up a dedicated development team of 60+ engineers. ABTO provides a couple of team engagement options that covers most of market needs:

  • Staff augmentation. The best for businesses who have already established in-house managed development team but want to extend it in the most efficient way, and retain a full control of hiring, management, performance review processes of the software engineers.
  • Fully operational dedicated team. Ideal for businesses who need long-term software development and maintenance services but want to outsource all those aspects to software partner and concentrate on high-level management, strategy and business development.
  • Project-based team. Works great for businesses who need quick but short-term setup of the team who will develop some prototype or 3-6-9 months’ project.

Collaboration models, technologies

We agree the engagement, pricing and collaboration models at the beginning in a way that suits the best to the both sides and gives maximum business value.

ABTO employs 100+ software developers possessing in-depth experience in diverse, innovative technologies (Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Image Recognition) and programming languages (.Net, C/C++, Java and others). More than 50% of our software developers are Microsoft certified, 5% have PhD degree. 30% are seniors.

The majority of our employees hold bachelor or master’s degree in computer science and related sciences.