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Abto Software is a custom software engineering company providing a full cycle of software development services including requirements analysis, math/physics experts, UI/UX, DevOps, quality assurance, project management and 3rd level of support and maintenance.

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Over the last 10 years, we have earned a rock-solid reputation on the market. We help businesses like yours target their business goals, solve team skills shortage and embrace innovation. Our customers rely on us completely in terms of software technology, so they can concentrate on core business activities. Abto Software provides innovative technology consulting and delivers transformative solutions for public corporations. With the focus on predictive modelling, AI, blockchain and medical imaging we fundamentally change the way business is delivered, providing solutions for a value-based customer-first approach.

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Why Outsource Software Development to Abto Software?

Software Outsourcing has become the buzzword in the current business world. Proper long-term software development partnerships can provide unparalleled business value to most businesses today.

Abto Software is the best partner for all small to medium businesses who require:

  • Teams with delivery experience in your industry. Teams of people who successfully delivered projects on your market, understand your business domain. That significantly increases the value our teams deliver to you.
  • Scalability. We are able to bring in new experienced engineers to your team much faster. We can double your team in one month (up to 100 engineers).
  • Cost-effectiveness & reduced time to market. The workforce in Ukraine is more affordable than in the United States, Canada or European Union; also, our middle management cost is quite reasonable. That is why we are able to provide cost-effective prices. In addition, our technology and domain experience together with resources scalability are crucial to delivering your product to the market ASAP and with great quality.

Your Team Engagement Model

We have experience building effective and long-term software development teams. For JustAnswer, our customer from the U.S. we have set up a dedicated development team of 60+ engineers. Abto provides a couple of team engagement options that cover most of the market needs:

Staff augmentation

The best for businesses who have already established an in-house managed development team but want to extend it in the most efficient way, and retain full control of hiring, management, performance review processes of the software engineers.

A fully operational dedicated team

Ideal for businesses who need long-term software development and maintenance services but want to outsource all those aspects to software partners and concentrate on high-level management, strategy and business development.

Project-based team

Works great for businesses who need quick but short-term setup of the team who will develop some prototype or 3-6-9 months’ project.


Learn what problems Abto Software has helped solve for the clients today, and help us find your solution tomorrow.


  • Calculate a desirable drilling trajectory in global, local or specifically set coordinates
  • Describe the results both in several projections and 3D
  • Calculate the requested drilling parameters in real-time and signal the least declinations with the planned trajectory in mind
  • Make various types of reports with the fine parameters adjustment
  • Possess a remote desktop to assist a program operator
  • Possess an extensible logging and drilling emulating system that allows to reproduce of all the actions carried out and analyze them
  • Carry out the program use time and delimitations of access rights through an integrated solution of HASP-technology which embraces performed code encryption and usage of USB-keys



  • Ukrainian State Railways

Announcement control system’s main features:

  • Innovative, reliable and easy-to-install
  • Providing the simplified way of the audio announcements production, monitoring and playing
  • Easy to track, edit and support
  • Convenient both for railways’ personnel and passengers

The graphic-analytical system’s main functions:

  • Visual constructor for creating the schemes of the railway and the stations
  • Support for storing the information of all railway’s objects (stations, rails, trains, etc.)
  • Traction-energy calculations
  • Solving of multiple optimizations and tracking problems
  • Safety intervals calculation
  • Train operation schedule creation, etc.



  • JustAnswer, US

Project challenges:

  • Implement tools to provide flawless and secure running of JustAnswer’s heavily trafficked site with millions of users
  • Provide unconditional functionality and maintenance of the platform
  • Implemented centralized event registration, product download, membership and subscription
  • Provided smooth API integration with major payment services (Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Sofort, etc.), social media, and location-based reputation systems
  • Realized integration with an automatic bidding system (Marin)
  • Built instruments to track and report on the multiple elements and user paths presented to each visitor
  • Handled DB with TB of data and cumbersome library
  • Built multiple levels of cache (DNS, Load balancer, Microsoft IIS, in-memory DB)
  • Maintained integration with Google Analytics and Adobe DTM
  • Ensured performance and maintainability in the distributed, high-load environment

Value delivered:

  • Incorporated analytics and monitoring components into features that ensure an infallible solution to meet response time and quality requirements
  • Composed cost-efficient and robust platform delivering an optimized seamless user experience across all devices
  • Built own framework to support multiple levels of A/B testing across the site
  • Developed numerous services and queues for better performances and scalability


  • .NET 4.6, A/B testing, ASP.NET, C#, data science, dedicated team, Git, IIS, Java, JavaScript, Jenkins, MongoDB, MVC 4, MySQL, NHibernate, Node.JS, NUnit, RabbitMQ, Redis, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2015, WCF


Technologies Expertise

It is vital to choose appropriate technologies and programming languages for project implementation as it influences project development duration, its cost and life span.

OS / Platforms

  • Mobile: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS
  • VX Works
  • x86, ARM, MIPS, PIC
  • Windows 2008 Server/Seven/Vista/2003/XP/2000/
  • NT/ME/CE/98
  • Linux Ubuntu/Fedora/RedHat/Debian
  • MAC OS


  • .NET (1.0-4.0), WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, MVC, WinForms, Web Forms
  • OLE
  • Blockchain: Cardano, Hyperledger, IOTA, EOS, Waves, Ethereum
  • WinSockets
  • ADO, ADO.NET, Entity Framework
  • DirectX
  • OpenGL
  • .NET Compact Framework
  • Qt
  • VOIP
  • XAM
  • Direct show
  • Office object model
  • VSS
  • Win API
  • WinServices Unix Daemons

Programming Languages

  • C/C++, C#, Objective C
  • Java (ME, EE, SE, JDK, AWT, Swing, EJB, NetBeans, GlassFish, JUnit, spring, struts, hibernate, log4j, JPA, JSF, Corba, Tomcat, JBoss, JSP, Servlets, taglibs, Unified Expression Language, Envers, Solr Search)
  • ActionScript
  • Object Pascal (Delphi)
  • JavaScript (Prototype, JQuery, Knockout, Underscore)
  • UNIX shells
  • Perl/Python/PHP
  • VBA
  • SQL (TSQL, PL SQL, )
  • Visual Basic
  • Assembler
  • LISP, Smalltalk, Prolog, Fortran

Development & Testing Tools

  • MS Visual Studio 2010, 2008, 2005, 6.0 Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0
  • Borland Delphi, Borland JBuilder
  • GNU toolkit (GCC, gdb, gmake, Binutils, Insight)
  • IntelliJ IDEA, IBM Eclipse, Zend Studio, NetBeans IDE
  • Rational Rose, RUP
  • Microsoft Project, Visio
  • Expression Encoder 4
  • MySQL Workbench, DBForge
  • Flash Builder
  • Articulate Presenter
  • Selenium, JMeter
  • TeamCity, Jenkins
  • Hexillion
  • Git, SVN
  • A/B Testing (testpaths, flows, testpath hacks, Optimizely)
  • WCF Services
  • LightStreamer

“It always was and is an excellent work together and we look forward to many years more. I definitely can recommend Abto for a nearshore center.”

We started to build a dedicated team in Lviv together with Abto Software 3 years ago. As a product vendor, we rely on resources that can build up knowledge about our products long-term. Abto was able to provide us with these services.

Andreas Meier

Head of Product Development at Skybow, Switzerland

“We rely a great deal on the IT services and expertise we receive from Abto.”

For us, it is one of our success factors to rely on a partner with a professional approach like Abto to be successful in our market segments. We are very pleased with the quality and timing that they provide.

Christian Baumann

CEO at X-smart AG, a Boost Group Company, Switzerland

“Such a good quality, paired with the promptness and a great price-performance ratio is very rare. But most of all we appreciate working with the great people of Abto Software.”

Abto Software specialists developed a huge and extremely flexible SharePoint Client App for a Swiss customer providing various IT services, including the development of software based on SharePoint and its extensions.

Philip Nussbaumer

Head of Products at Up-Great AG, Switzerland

“Working with a company like Abto makes dealing with the unexpected easier.”

Abto’s flexibility helps deal with unexpected situations, which often occur in business. Stakeholders change their minds or suffer unexpected business shocks.

Tony Clarey

Founder of an IT Consulting Company, USA


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