Comapany History

The Beginning

Abto Software was launched in 2007 by three friends – mathematicians in real life and dreamers at heart. They wanted to bring value to society using the things they loved: science and software technology.

After getting his diploma and real work experience in software development at a big company, one of the owners enrolled in “Mathematics for Industry” program at Eindhoven Technical University to further his personal and work development. These two years were very productive, gained different experience, including understanding the connections between math modeling & business; western culture and personal networking. The last one brought the potential customers. The choice was made: to return back (to Lviv, Ukraine), start software engineering company with two close friends and already experienced developers with a strong math and physics roots, to deliver scientific software solutions.

Abto debuted at the EU software market with the development of software for horizontal drilling. It uses math modeling to calculate drilling trajectory and controls drilling process in real time. Today, 12 years and dozens of successful releases after, we are still strategic partners.

At the same time, Abto established a partnership with Lausanne University in Switzerland. Then, there were more challenging and successful projects: aircraft self-testing system and compression behavior modeling of solid foam (printing industry) building the company’s status as a Trusted Partner.

The companies like Océ (a Canon Group Company), Phillips, Brownline, DSM Engineering Plastics, The DOW Chemical сompany started long-term cooperation. Many of them are still our partners.


Moving Forward

Java & Mobile

Abto set up Java and Mobile development streams in 2008 and 2009 years respectively to follow market needs. We completed the first projects using Symbian, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC mobile technologies.

As for now, we have solid Java and mobile (iOS, Android) experience; more than 50 projects done.


Software product business became a great interest as something yet unknown but exciting to owners. A small software product division was launched in 2009. A pioneer product VOIP SIP SDK was released after some time. It’s a customizable SDK which enables integration of SIP-based dial and receiving phone calls features in any software application. Now the product is used by more than 500 clients across all continents.

Today, a number of other applications created by that division are available on the market: Abto Analytics , website analytics with heat maps; Bot or Not, a tool for Twitter accounts audit; MyBabySim, childcare simulator; Path TOO Long and a couple of others.

Research & Development

R&D team appeared almost together with Product division. It was clear that Abto should invest in technology research to stay competitive and up-to-date in terms of science, technology, and engineering approaches. R&D drives our Products further and keeps bringing innovations to Company and our customers as a result. Dozens of R&D experiments were done and articles were created since that time. Our Blog describes all that history, with the achievements used in real life.

Object Counting Solution was delivered in 2016, an image processing method which assists in detection, separation, and counting of moving objects; OnMyPlate, a calorie counting and analysis mobile application employing computer vision techniques it is at the testing stage now.

Microsoft’s Stamp of Approval

Starting from 2010 Abto puts more focus on Microsoft technologies. The company keeps refreshing its solution portfolio with the projects using .NET framework including desktop applications, websites, and enterprise software systems, add-ins to Microsoft products.

In 2015 Abto Software became Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a competency in Application Development.

Networking and Further Development

2011 was marked by establishing the partner network across the USA and the EU, and opening a new delivery center in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. These steps were important for our further business growth.

New Vertical Markets

Abto enters Healthcare and Energy sectors. We developed a range of complex EMR & EHR solutions for Healthcare providers (USA), energy efficiency management software for the EU electricity supplier, a customizable business suite of Microsoft SharePoint add-ins for our Swiss Customer.

In 2012 Abto Software partnered with JustAnswer LLC, USA, the largest paid online service in the world offering expert consulting on demand. This ongoing business cooperation already resulted in building an advanced web solution and  AI Chatbot application for their platform.

People Power

From the very beginning, the talents and open-minded culture accounted the most for the Abto’s success. Innovative drive and social commitment are at the core of our work. There is always room for professional growth and fun here with weekly tech talks, trainings, intelligence contests, internships, hackathons, community events, team buildings, outings into nature.

Abto team grew from initial 5 to up to 300 enthusiastic software experts who work and develop together with the company. Today we are a team of bright and successful professionals in Lviv and Uzhgorod (Ukraine), representatives in the US and EU, working on software engineering.

86% of our employees have a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

35% of our software engineers are Microsoft certified, 33% of our QA engineers hold ISTQB certifications.

After 12 years we are a community of people with the same values: independent thinkers who treasure their families and their country.

Two revolutions in Ukraine (2004 and 2014 years) played an important role in the development of the Ukrainian nation. The people of Abto never stood aside and joined in defending their Independence and ideals. Nowadays the company offers a support to the Ukrainian army, war refugees, volunteer organizations, the children with disabilities, the children of the deceased Maidan heroes and the development of mature democracy in Ukraine.

Now & Plans Ahead

Our reputation is rock solid, built on the quality of the work we do and trust we have established with our customers.

Our portfolio contains more than 300 projects for more than 200 customers.

Our R&D achievements, advanced computer science and software engineering services based on machine learning and computer vision have ever-growing demand on the market and are highly appreciated by our customers.

More specific marketing focus and increasing the domain expertise in our target verticals are our current priorities as a company.

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