Buying clothes online for most men is a preferred way, even though it can be trickier to know what shirt, or any other piece will fit you. Plus, most of the shoppers do not know their right size and fit.

Our computer vision engineers team has developed a revolutionary technology for measuring the body. Our body measurement application uses a front camera on the mobile phone to calculate six body measurements of a man and help buy clothes that will fit just right.

Solution for Online Retailers

The body measurement technology can be implemented by retailers in their online clothing shops and provide the following benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and a higher chance of the customer becoming the repeat customer.
  • Our clothing fit technology can help retailers increase sales. By removing the uncertainty around the size you can increase average order values.
  • Decreased return rates. Since 70% of all clothing returns lie in the wrong size of the garment, such an app can significantly reduce the return rates.

The solution provides results on average with 98% accuracy for measuring men.

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How to Use Our Body Measurement Solution

Basically, our clothing fitting technology applies a set of algorithms to the video to capture dimensional data from a mobile device’s camera, measuring the said user. For now, the application can perform body measurement of men only. The user should wear form-fitting clothes, preferably in one color, distinct from the background. So, how do you use it? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Put your phone on the floor vertically (screen facing a person standing at full height), the front-facing camera is used to capture frames, and take a photo of the empty background.

step 1 illustration

Step 2

Now take photos of yourself in four positions: arms parallel to the floor, hands in fists, legs hip-width apart, facing straight (back, and to the sides). The app provides audio clues on what position a person should take (you have three seconds to change the position).

step 2 illustration

Step 3

The body measurement app captures each frame three times.

step 3 illustration

Step 4

Then you will need to provide your height in centimeters.

step 4 illustration

Step 5

The clothing fit solution returns 6 body measurements (neck, chest, waist, and thighs circumference, hands and legs length).

step 5 illustration

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