Automated body measurement technology

Computer vision to recognize and capture human bodies through camera
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Abto Software came up with an intelligent technology to recognize and capture human bodies using photos. Reputational damage, financial losses, and the concurrent challenges associated with inventory management – no longer an issue.

Our solution, enabled through computer vision, can measure human bodies with trimming 98% accuracy.

Forget about unwanted returns and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Online body measurement technology for your retail business

The solution can be quickly implemented to benefit retail businesses:

  • Omnichannel brands
  • Made-to-order brands
  • Multi-brand retailers
  • Uniform manufacturers & distributors, and other retail businesses

And deliver measurable outcomes right after the implementation:

  • Increased sales – online body measurements transform into personalized sizing recommendations, facilitating overall shopping experience and, accordingly, increasing sales
  • Decreased returns – precise body measurements minimize sizing problems, decreasing returns
  • Data insights – online clothes fitting technology can generate valuable insights, empowering businesses to personalize marketing campaigns, identify trends, and provide targeted offerings
  • Customer experience – custom fit clothing technology can deliver true-to-size recommendations, thereby improving customer experience and enhancing repeated purchasing

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Online body measuring technology – how does it work?

We applied a set of algorithms to recognize and capture dimensional information using only:
  • The user’s self-shot photographs in four different angles
  • The user’s exact height in centimeters


 In order to get the calculations using only his smartphone, the user must follow these steps:

Step 1

The phone is put on the floor vertically to face the person to allow the camera to capture the frames

step image

Step 2

To start, the background has to be captured without anything else in the frame

step image

Step 3

Moving further, the app will guide the user to take several photographs

  • With arms in parallel to the floor at 90 degrees, the hands in fists, and legs hip-width apart
  • Facing straight, from sides, and from the back
step image
To note: The app will provide audio clues to ensure correct positioning and give 3 seconds to change the positions

Step 4

The app will capture each frame 3 times

step image

Step 5

The user must then provide his exact height in centimeters

step image

Step 6

The solution will return precise calculations on neck, chest, waist, thigh circumference, as well as the arm and leg length

step image

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