Our computer vision engineers researched the possibility to create a 3D premises layout. As a result, our specialists developed an excellent mobile application, Phantom Scanner, which, by means of line detection, feature points detection and homography matrix, as well as video and image processing, allows to really fast create a 3D reconstruction of an apartment by any mobile device.
Customer: a real estate agency, Canada

Business value:

  • VR and natural scene annotation for enterprise needs
  • real-time scene building and rendering
  • equipment cost elimination works on regular consumer devices

Project challenges:

  • to turn sophisticated technology investigation into the commercially successful project
  • to implement a robust solution for Structure from motion problem
  • to accurately build a wired model from the 3D point cloud

Application Features

The whole process of building a 3D model of a room is shown in the pictures below:

3d modelling software for real estate agencies

 Key features:

  • real-time edge detection using the Canny method
  • simplification of obtained curves into corresponding line segments on the image sequence
  • 3D model building

This truly unique and convenient application can come in handy for both individual tenants, or rental agencies, or even construction firms.

If you have a project idea, check out the rest of our computer vision expertise to see how we apply advanced image processing and video analysis to deliver value to our clients.

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