Abto Software development team participated in the development of a unique smartphone application for media and video production company from Israel. Our customer created a prime mobile video social network with the built-in interactive video editor that enables users to modify and share videos with their friends online.  Our project aimed at creating a comprehensive yet user-friendly tool to share moments. What separates this app from many others is its ability to offer more. Its most noticeable trait is automatic object tracking. The options like adding customized features on top of the video images, animations, graphic effects (noise, blur) and text bubbles make it even more distinctive.

Key benefits of the application

Overall, the project was a total success  and exceeded customer expectations, proving numerous benefits:

  • refined object tracking technology applied to selected video items
  • highly intuitive and easy-to-use navigation
  • possibility to connect and  share video content with the world
  • capability to add images not  initially included in the download

Computer Vision Solutions

Give meaning to images, analyze video, and recognize objects with the highest accuracy.

Project Challenges and Solution

The team faced some challenges in the process of creating the real-time video editing app. The trickiest task was to develop additional features and vision that fits the purpose of perfect user interaction. Drawing custom fonts on top of the video, colorizing text bubble, rotating text edit field also presented an elaborate task for the developers. The second part of the project was an improvement of existing image/video processing algorithms, as to track an object and allow for real-time video editing. Our specialists upon consideration have decided to use Split and Merge image segmentation algorithm in OpenCV.  This way they were able to reject the background and track the object they needed.  Let’s take a closer look:

original photo

original photo

gradient image

gradient image

initial partitioning of the image

initial partitioning of the image

labelling of all pixels in the image

labeling of all pixels in the image

Video Editing Application

Our users can implement their creative ideas by making fascinating videos. They have a chance to share those video clips across multiple social media sites, platforms and channels (Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line etc.) in a matter of moments. The app we worked on provides exceptional user experience and opens new video editing possibilities for the smartphone. It’s a highly effective tool which allows users to create the video the way they want at the touch of a button. The world of social media is a busy one struggling to get consumers what actually want. The real beauty of social media lies in widespread impact.

It’s an improved way to create and record exclusive videos, transform them by adding special effects and share with other videographers.

Main features of the application 

The video editing app developed by a dedicated team of Abto Software developers has the following functionality:

  • Add interactive objects to your videos
  • Automatic caption track
  • Add auto-tracking object to your video
  • Add special effects and smart filters to your video
  • Create your own short videos and share them with the public
  • Edit video right on your mobile device

Team and Technologies

The team of dedicated software engineers has accomplished the project development using the following technologies: iOS, Objective C, C++, OpenCV, Open TLD, OpenGL ES.


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