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Since 2007, we deliver AI-driven computer vision solutions to reputable Fortune Global 200 corporations.

Leveraging our years of R&D in the Computer Vision domain we develop advanced image processing and real-time video analysis solutions powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Abto Software provides ready-to-implement CV solutions that help strategic businesses approach innovation minimizing time and cost, maximizing performance, and driving revenue growth.

We resolve domain-specific challenges from digitizing paper-based processes to automating video surveillance. We have also designed our own CV prototypes: revolutionary technology for accurate body measurement, easily deployable automated checkout for cashierless physical retail, data entry and extraction for processing unstructured documents powered by OCR technology, and more.

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CV solution delivery approach

Business analysis & consulting

We cover requirement review, business consulting, data analysis, software development approach selection, and success criteria determination.

Data preparation & feasibility study

Next step – training, testing, and validation dataset collection, approach adjustment, and further PoC delivery.

Solution development & implementation

We develop the solution by implementing artificial intelligence, deep learning, and advanced image processing, and test the product on real business data to ensure non-disruptive integration.

Continual learning & maintenance

Next stage – full-range maintenance and support, as well as on-request algorithm modification and update.

By implementing computer vision, you enjoy:

Improved quality control
Automation for increased performance
Increased accuracy
Personalized customer experience
Enhanced security
Deeper insights
Improved decision-making
Cost savings by improved efficiency
Competitive advantage

Why adopt computer vision

What is computer vision? Computer vision (CV) is a field of artificial intelligence enabling machines to analyze and interpret visual information to extract meaningful insights from images and videos.

CV-enabled solutions are already sensibly transforming critical operations across different industry verticals. CV-powered software provides benefits to healthcare, retail, banking & finance, manufacturing, and others.

By adopting computer vision, your business might leverage:

  • Image recognition
  • Video processing
  • Metadata extraction
  • Object tracking
  • Facial recognition
  • Vehicle detection
  • Quality control
  • Threat detection

Computer vision market overview

According to different sources, the global computer vision market size was valued:

Improving speed and accuracy, ever-increasing requirement, economic advantage, omnipresent digitization, and the adoption across different industries are the main factors that drive computer vision market growth. Expensive implementation, talent shortage, as well as rising privacy and safety concerns, on the other hand, are the core factors primarily restraining quick growth.

Abto Software’s CV services

Advanced image recognition

  • Image enhancement & restoration in super-resolution
  • Image filtering, deconvolution, transformation & alignment
  • Image segmentation & clustering
  • Image labeling & annotation
  • Image analysis & key feature detection
  • Object detection, classification, recognition & counting

To deliver:

  • Visual search, text detection in images and scans
  • Image categorization, content moderation
  • Image annotation tool optimization, and more

Smart video processing

  • Video enhancement & stabilization
  • Foreground detection, background subtraction
  • Pattern and activity recognition
  • Scene understanding, content analysis
  • Structure from motion (SfM) 
  • Simultaneous localization & mapping (SLAM)

To deliver:

  • Real-time CCTV footage processing
  • Post-factum video archive processing
  • Near-real-time live stream processing, and more

Abto Software’s CV services


Intelligent video analysis

Abto Software enhances your camera and monitoring systems with AI-powered video analytics. Get real-time alerts for early threat detection, object/people recognition, behavior tracking, and structured data analysis without costly equipment or manual monitoring.


Optical character recognition

We apply advanced image processing and custom OCR algorithms to digitize handwritten & printed text, automate data entry, and perform robotic process automation. We employ intelligent document recognition technologies and value verification techniques to build custom Data Extraction algorithms that transform unstructured documents into machine-readable data.


Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

We develop CV solutions that enhance safety features and provide greater comfort for drivers and passengers. Our suite of custom ADAS products include driver monitoring systems for driver fatigue recognition and driver attention analysis.


Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

Our suite of solutions for ITS include algorithms for vehicle detection & counting, license plate recognition (LPR), traffic flow measurement, bicycle helmets detection. We empower Smart Cities to implement efficient urban planning and ensure public safety.


Visitor analytics, people counting

Abto Software delivers smart visitor analytics that enable physical stores to collect and analyze in-store traffic. By implementing computer vision, we help retailer businesses effectively manage store space and capitalize customer insights from camera-based people counting.


3D environment reconstruction

We build complex photogrammetry algorithms to enable environment reconstruction from photos. By implementing computer vision, in particular visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), we built an application for accurate 3D reconstruction and a 3D object capturing module to enable body scanning.

Built a CV solution in four simple steps

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Get a free estimation based on the details you provide
Discuss the core requirements with the project management
Let the hired team take over the complex, technical part

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