Abto Software delivers unique high-end software development solutions to multiple worldwide enterprises varying in scale and domain. Our resourceful IT experts possess in-depth experience in developing top-notch software applications serving diverse corporate needs and satisfying customers' demands.

Abto Software's dedicated teams have good command of the latest-edge programming technologies and skills allowing to accomplish projects within the budget and time limits. Please take a look at our extensive software development portfolio, containing various sophisticated projects successfully accomplished for our customers around the globe.


Energy Management Software for Leading Irish Electricity Supplier

Project Overview Abto Software developed an Energy management software for registering, storing, and processing information from electricity meters. Our client, a leading supplier of electricity on the Irish market, is using a specialized system for registration of Electricity Meters Points at all kinds of premises, either personal residences or business properties. Over 2 mln Meter Point Reference Numbers …

Advanced Drilling Guidance Software

Our team has developed a guidance system for drilling upon request of our EU client.  This gyro steering tool is utilized for laying pipes (including water, gas, etc.), communication and other lines in various hard-to-reach areas, e.g. urban areas, under rivers, railways, and highways.  The software automates and supports the complete process of drilling starting …

Mobile Subscription App

Abto Software is successfully cooperating with our partner from the USA, JustAnswer LLC, the largest paid online service offering expertise on demand. JustAnswer is the world’s leading expert marketplace offering fast and affordable online advice from 10,000 verified professionals. Our customer needed a dedicated team to build an iOS mobile App for its members that …

SharePoint Software Development Add-ins

Abto Software team of dedicated developers has been responsible for delivering a suite of Microsoft SharePoint development tools. Our customer, a Swiss software product company is building a full range of customizable business solutions in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Their products are distributed through their  clients, other solution-builders as well as online via Microsoft Office …

Augmented Reality Video Editing App

Abto Software development team participated in the development of a unique smartphone application for media and video production company from Israel. Our customer created a prime mobile video social network with the built-in interactive video editor that enables users to modify and share videos with their friends online.  Our project aimed at creating a comprehensive …

Eye & Gaze Tracking Software for Educational and Marketing Research

Abto Software engineers are working on a comprehensive project for our customer from Germany, the leader in eye & gaze tracking technologies. Eye tracking captures natural human behavior and provides unbiased data which empowers the researchers to make effective conclusions regarding person’s performance. Eye-tracking techniques with human-computer interaction as the concept background are used in diverse disciplines …

Financial Planning Software with Advisor for Small Business Owners

Online financial planning and forecasting software is a great option for any business that wishes to manage their budgets in a streamlined and organized way.  However, financial planning and accounting would make even the bravest entrepreneur go weak in his heart, considering how complex, cumbersome and critical accounting can be. Keeping this in mind, we …

Application for a cardiological medical center

A truly unique application has been developed by Abto for our Netherlands customer working in the Healthcare industry. The project accomplishment demanded high-level qualification and a science intense approach. Abto experts possessing successful in-depth experience in this kind of projects gladly accepted this challenge. The customer needed an application that could help anticipate a patient’s …

Patient Care Management Software for Doctors and Patients

Our specialists successfully developed a highly functional and extremely user-friendly website and a mobile application designed for providing efficient communications between doctors and patients. They can easily interact online by using mobile technology and encrypted video conferencing. The website is meant for efficient information exchange on blood pressure data, glucose data, blood oxygen data, pulse …

On My Plate – keep an eye on your calories

Mobile applications recording everything from steps walked to heart rate have become popular on an incomparable scale. The essence of them is to wake user healthy habits and enhance the quality of life. Abto Software developers built a mobile application prototype named OnMyPlate. They employed computer vision technology for food recognition and analysis that uses …

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