Other Projects

A great deal of modern enterprises demand solutions that tightly fit their specific requirements and business needs. Our IT specialists are deeply experienced in development of high-end and comprehensive custom business solutions. Abto's team delivers full-cycle custom software development services according to our customers' vision and specific needs and provides effective and transparent project management.

Our specialists possess a wide range of custom programming skills including the most effective technologies, such as .NET, ASP.NET and MSSQL, etc. Abto Software's customers, presenting Distribution & Retail  and Telecommunications industries, appreciate our in-depth experience in custom software application development.



CRTool is our internal Java, Hibernate, JAXB, Jersey-based project within the frames of which our developers created a tool for reviewing code on the basis of the Review Board. We ensured that CRTool is integrated with SVN and our Agile Project Management (APM) system.

Quilt Calculator

Abto developed Quilt Calculator – an iPhone application for sewers’ needs. They can enter the following data: canvas size, pattern, edges, and fiber thickness and obtain information on the canvas quantity required.

Business Model Evaluator

An application to help your business do away with flaws. Business Model Evaluator is a quiz of 28 questions upon answering which you will get a customized report on how you can improve in the 8 critical business model criteria (from author of 51 Fatal Business Errors) Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Business Model …

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