Abto Software has successfully delivered high-end Voice over IP-based solutions varying in scale and industries served to a number of companies. We’ve helped our valued customers take control on their communication and expenses by using up-to-date VoIP technology.

The solutions we provided include both end-user applications (so-called SoftPhone) and libraries (SDK) with implementations of various audio codecs, protocols (SIP, H323) and using different servers (asterisk, OpenSER).

Abto Software’s bright and highly experienced developers specialize in custom corporate softphone solutions, softphones for mobile devices, Flash Sip solutions for websites. Abto Software has developed Softphone SDK solutions for the following mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.

Being aware of our customers’ business needs we deliver the most suitable set of features that companies find more than satisfying.

We serve a comprehensive portfolio of accomplished VoIP related projects which brought unrivaled value to every our customer. Numerous enterprises and governmental institutions already utilize our solutions in their everyday work.

For example, we have successfully developed a solution completely replacing the system of internal and external communications (all the stationary telephones) by our softphones for a large financial corporation. A custom solution was also developed for a big telecom company. Abto Software’s intelligent specialists created a softphone for chatting on the basis of Flash Sip SDK for a large web portal. Our solution provided website’s visitors a possibility to call the support online (from the website).

This list of industries and companies which use VoIP solutions delivered by Abto Software is far not complete.


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