Our customer, an international provider of feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry management, a recognized market leader of the agriculture industry, faced a problem with supporting their legacy software systems. As there were no IT specialists available for supporting these systems created on legacy programming languages, Abto Software was requested to help the customer transform the systems’ code into modern, high level programming language.

Our customer’s software systems are developed specifically for managing special hardware for housing and feeding pigs on pig farms. The pig feeding system performs quite a number of functions:

  • Rationing feed basing on the pigs’ weight, age, gender, special needs (piglets, sows or finishing pigs)
  • Cooking feed for pigs (milling, mixing, adding liquid, etc.)
  • Storing and transporting feed to feeding-troughs
  • Training piglets to use feeding-troughs by means of special Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Permanent obtaining data and visualizing all the results related to the house
  • Monitoring all feeding stations in real-time

To help our customer with hardware and software optimization of an outdated system the Abto Software specialists provided legacy systems’ conversion and their further testing, in particular we:

  • performed a code conversion from Intel 386 (32bit) Assembler to a high level language (ANSI) C
  • We developed special Unit Tests which fully covered the old and new code allowing to ensure the same functionality of both the outdated and converted code
  • enabled the supportability and scalability of the system.

Here are some business benefits obtained by our customer thanks to Abto Software:

  • The conversion to a high level language allowed the customer to go over to new hardware without large costs as the old software was created on a machine-dependant language.
  • Decreased the maintainability costs.
  • Reliability of the customer’s software improved due to Unit Tests designed by Abto Software specifically for testing any errors that may arise in the future.
  • Increased overall scalability and productivity.

Abto Software’s services aided our customer to transform the outdated software systems into modern, economic, high-quality systems.


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