Mobile Development

Abto Software is eager to deliver the complete range of mobile development services understanding that mobile technologies have become absolutely common in corporate and everyday user activities. Our skillful IT specialists control the entire lifecycle of mobile software development and possess deep experience in creating diverse applications for mobile and PDA devices. A number of  Distribution & Retail and Construction companies successfully utilize our mobile development services for their corporate needs.

We create high-end mobile development solutions, designed to maximize our customers' Smartphone's potential using the latest technologies in handheld computing. We cover all major existing mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian).


Patient Care Management Software for Doctors and Patients

Our specialists successfully developed a highly functional and extremely user-friendly website and a mobile application designed for providing efficient communications between doctors and patients. They can easily interact online by using mobile technology and encrypted video conferencing. The website is meant for efficient information exchange on blood pressure data, glucose data, blood oxygen data, pulse …

On My Plate – keep an eye on your calories

Mobile applications recording everything from steps walked to heart rate have become popular on an incomparable scale. The essence of them is to wake user healthy habits and enhance the quality of life. Abto Software developers built a mobile application prototype named OnMyPlate. They employed computer vision technology for food recognition and analysis that uses …

System for Controlling Different Types of Works

Abto Software’s team of experienced IT experts successfully completed this challenging and complicated project for our customer fromIreland. This system was designed specifically for conducting precise control over different types of works e.g. electricians’ or plumbers’ services etc. This convenient and highly-effective tool can be easily applied in multiple domains and by different companies allowing …

ZombieCats Run – an exciting run adventure

ZombieCats Run is an adventurous game for iOS, the main feature of which is to control the character using only two fingers. The user should collect some extra bonuses, avoiding unexpected turns and obstacles in the same time trying to operate as fast as possible. The game consists of nine levels, that differentiate by difficulty. …

Transparent Screen App –  Be mobile On-the-Go

Designed by Abto Software Android mobile developers, Transparent Screen App is aimed at increasing user`s productivity and safety experience. The application makes your screen transparent and lets you see what`s in front of you while using your phone normally – typing messages, writing e-mails and browsing websites. Transparent Screen App works with all the applications. …

Object Matcher by means of Image Processing

Abto Software specialists created a fascinating program to choose a certain image template, the closest to the specified, out of a set of image templates by means of an image processing method. In this project our research and modeling experts implemented the client-server architecture where the client part is designed especially for mobile devices. First, chosen …


Abto Software developed an excellent XChangeWithMe mobile application to build and manage your friends, family and/or professional networks current contact info and keep it up-to-date without any additional maintenance. Xchangewithme allows you to really simplify your life and save your time as it has the next generation hassle-free address book. The user interface is clean …

Twip City App

The purpose of this application is to provide people with mobile phones the ability to easily find restaurants, shops, cafes etc. The application can detect your location to display institutions nearby. The applications can display information as list or as markers on the map. User can explore the location details: related tweets, related youtube videos, …

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