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Project overview

October 2021, Abto Software was contacted by a technology provider specializing in biotechnology research. The company delivers solutions helping to indicate traumatic brain injury and serious brain conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, migraine, and concussion.

Abto Software was approached to develop a tailor-made mobile application for simplified data management. The solution can be seamlessly connected to medical measuring devices, which test and identify blink patterns, and utilized for further data-driven diagnosis and treatment.


Main goals

The project’s main goal was to deliver a mobile application, which would:

  • Seamlessly connect to medical measuring devices via Bluetooth
  • Notably facilitate operational processes associated with registered patient and test result management to provide data-driven decision-making and facilitate higher quality medical service

How the solution works

The custom mobile application is designed to display the indicators previously measured by a medical device, which notifies healthcare professionals about abnormal blink patterns that may indicate traumatic brain injury. The application is intended to optimize data management and early disease detection.


This is how the delivered application is used:

  • The custom measuring device stimulates the blink reflex
  • The built-in high-speed cameras record the blink reflex capturing thousands of objective data points
  • The results are measured, transferred to an encrypted cloud portal, and reviewed
  • The application, connected to the device, is used for further data management

Utilizing the mobile application, healthcare professionals can access and review all relevant medical indicators. Such indicators may include blink latency, differential latency, eyelid excursions, lid velocity, the time to open and close the eye, as well as overall blink time.


The application includes the following functionality:

  • User authorization
    To provide data safety, the application’s core functionality includes authorization.
  • Device section
    In this particular section, the member can select, edit or delete devices.
  • Subject section
    In this app section, the user can filter, add, edit or delete patient profiles. The patient’s personal information may include first and last name, birth date, gender, photo, and relevant medical notes.
  • Scan section
    In this app section, the user can select scan types, and take, cancel, redo and save new scans. By reviewing saved scans, the clinicians can diagnose brain disorders at an early stage and provide appropriate treatment.

Our contribution

We covered:

  • Custom mobile app development
    Using Swift, we covered iOS development for simplified data management and delivered a tailor-made, functional application.
  • Device integration
    At the next stage, our engineers:
    1. Investigated the data formats of medical Bluetooth devices
    2. Worked out an approach for the seamless extraction of data from the connected devices
    3. Ensured the quick and smooth extraction of data from the mentioned devices
  • UX/UI design
    At this project stage, our designer covered the application’s architecture for better conceptual understanding, keeping in mind both target audience and the client company’s industry-specific needs and its corporate style.
abto software

Main challenges

During the project’s scope, our team faced challenges related to:


Device scanning and connection

One of the project’s main challenges was ensuring seamless connection to a non-standard, custom IoT device. To optimize device discovery, seamless scanning and connection as well as further data retrieving, we utilized Core Bluetooth.


Database structure with multiple data tables and relations

Another challenge to mention was the correct structuring of data for its further connection and management. For flexible data management, which includes data retrieval, addition, filtering, and deletion, we implemented Core Data and built a flexible data wrapper. 


User interface and navigation

Medical workers do spend more time navigating through digital records than on face-to-face communication. Utilizing the UIKit framework, custom designed UI elements and the coordinator pattern, our engineers successfully delivered an easy-to-navigate user interface to assist overwhelmed clinicians deliver high-quality medical services.

Tools and technologies

Programming language and frameworks:

  • Swift
  • Core Data
  • Core Bluetooth


  • Firebase Analytics
  • Audio Unit
  • Camera API


  • October 2021 – July 2022


  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Back-end Developer
  • 1 Front-end Developer
  • 1 DevOps engineer
  • 1 UI/UX Designer

Value delivered to business

Our client obtained a custom-made product that can be sold to partners interested in operational digitalization. The designed mobile application is an on-demand solution, which might provide interested medical companies with the necessary functionality to optimize data management and improve important processes such as accurate diagnostics and early disease detection.


The delivered mobile application:


  • Accelerates the investigation process
    Medical professionals can share gathered information on the patient’s condition using their personal devices. This drives improved collaboration between clinicians, as well as accurate, data-driven diagnosis and treatment.
  • Increases overall personnel productivity
    Healthcare professionals can access and update relevant information avoiding standard paper bureaucracy. Such a routine optimization helps to reduce the daily workload of clinicians and allocate available resources more thought-out.


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