Research / Engineering

Lots of companies and institutions require Science Research and Mathematical Modeling software development to improve their workflow, obtain scientific analysis of specific problems and find the appropriate solution. Research and Math Modeling services initially were at the core of our business due to Abto’s specialists excellent technical education level and our desire to solve complicated science-intense problems.

Our experts provide deep analysis of the problems by translating them from application area into mathematical formulations. We apply various mathematical methods and latest technologies such as Mathematical Modeling, Matlab, Numerical Analysis, etc. Our team accomplished a set of sophisticated Research and Modeling development projects for diverse industries and customers including Healthcare, Construction, and Government.


Automatic Vehicle Detection and License Plate Recognition

Customer: a technology company, Israel. Our automatic license plate recognition software is designed to detect, scan and recognise vehicle license number plates in real-time by processing video footage from CCTV camera. Such a software potentially can be used for revenue control, automation and security applications. Instead of limiting the function of the cameras for these …

Counterfeit Product Detection Using Smartphone

Abto Software keeps pace with the latest technology developments and trends. For two years our company has been working with a well-established European partner on the algorithms in the image processing technologies. Our App detects fake consumer goods with 95% accuracy Team and Technologies Our software engineers conducted a scientific research and developed a library …

Phantom Scanner – Mobile 3D Reconstruction Model Application for Real Estate

Our computer vision engineers researched the possibility to create a 3D premises layout. As a result, our specialists developed an excellent mobile application, Phantom Scanner, which, by means of line detection, feature points detection and homography matrix, as well as video and image processing, allows to really fast create a 3D reconstruction of an apartment …

Abto’s Automated Counting Solution for Production Lines

Ukrainian bakery factory contacted Abto Software to help them improve their counting system for production lines. The customer’s solution was designed to count loaves of bread, rolls on the conveyor belt. The initial version of the production counting system was designed and developed in MATLAB and had certain limits and restrictions: The automated system could …

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for JustAnswer, Expert Consulting Company

Since 2012 Abto Software has been successfully cooperating with our partner JustAnswer LLC, the largest paid online service offering expertise on demand. JustAnswer with headquarters in San Francisco, CA, is the world’s leading expert marketplace offering fast and affordable online advice from 10,000 verified professionals. JustAnswer has already helped over eight million people in 196 …

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) of Handwritten Text

Recently we have completed a project for a  pharmaceutical company from Belgium.  We needed to develop an intelligent character recognition software that would verify tests by checking whether handwritten ID (the set of letters and numbers) on the test container matches the ID from the dataset. Every container has a label with ID and QR-Code …

Advanced Drilling Guidance Software

Our team has developed a guidance system for drilling upon request of our EU client.  This gyro steering tool is utilized for laying pipes (including water, gas, etc.), communication and other lines in various hard-to-reach areas, e.g. urban areas, under rivers, railways, and highways.  The software automates and supports the complete process of drilling starting …

Application for a cardiological medical center

A truly unique application has been developed by Abto for our Netherlands customer working in the Healthcare industry. The project accomplishment demanded high-level qualification and science intense approach. Abto experts possessing successful in-depth experience in this kind of projects gladly accepted this challenge. The customer needed an application which could help anticipate patient’s state and …

Computer Vision Application for Blood Recognition and Analysis

Abto research and modeling experts created medical imagery solution for a US customer dealing with breast cancer treatment. The software employs image classification and blood analysis to detect pathological tissue changes. This computer vision application works as a framework for white blood cell segmentation in microscopic blood images using digital image processing. Customer: a US-based company, …

Biometric Application for Face Detection and Recognition

Application: security and surveillance. Customer: an EU-based company, provider of brand security solutions. It is more important than ever to increase security at events. To this end, we see more and more checks that rely on different forms of identification documents (IDs) such as driver’s licenses and passports.  Facial recognition is a powerful technology and …

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