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Social networking and job posting platform for the touring community


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Business consulting
Solution design
UI/UX design

Project overview

Our team has brought the idea of an employment-focused network for the music & touring industry to life.

Abto Software has entered the cooperation to design a distinctive social networking and job posting platform for artists and bands to connect with verified music and touring insiders and display domain-specific expertise. By providing relevant experience and education, confirmed references, and detailed availability calendars, competent musicians and technicians can discover job offerings and foster career growth.


Main goals

The client’s key objective – to create a platform that matches the needs of the music and touring community. The platform is tailored to bring together musicians, artist and band managers, talent agents and promoters, and even service providers handling videography, rigging, running, and catering.


Working on this project, we focused on delivering:

  • A network exclusively serving music and touring professionals to display their personal career history by highlighting touring and non-touring skills, confirmed references, and endorsements from friends
  • A selective, restricted-access platform, carefully moderated to disqualify irrelevant applications

How the solution works

The platform is designed to empower accomplished artists and bands to connect with agents and promoters, as well as other music and touring insiders to apply for promising job opportunities and display their talent. And that guaranteed without coming across fake offers, scam schemes, and already out-of-date proposals.  


The offerings can be filtered by:
Venue type (stadium, arena, and other venue types)
Touring schedule (regular, international, one-off tour, weekend tour)
Required experience
Pay type
Music genre
Event location
When registering, the user must provide detailed information on relevant work experience and references. Only after careful moderation and approval, the user is granted the permission to use the platform and apply for placed job postings.

Such user access management is implemented to eliminate:

  • Fake accounts
  • And malicious, fraudulent activities, in particular financial cybercrime

Key features


Within this website section, a professional can select a category to browse currently vacant job opportunities, from offerings for artists and bands to opportunities for photographers, security, drivers, and catering.


This section is an all-encompassing resume with details on relevant work experience, education, references, and even external links to demonstrate specific skills.


This particular website section is meant:

  • For companies to post greatly accurate job offerings by specifying job title and category, the event, date, location, and other relevant details, from lodging and transportation to rate, and more 
  • For artists and bands to review favored, already applied, and personally posted offerings in case they’re searching for managers, promoters, merchandisers, and other industry professionals


This section is meant to provide a sense of community that allows receiving references and endorsements, likes, comments, and notifications from colleagues, as well as chat with agents and promoters.


Our contribution

We covered:


1. Business analysis and discovery, solution design

2. UI/UX design and prototyping (user flows, dynamic prototypes, and more)

3. Backend development

4. Frontend development

5. Third-party integration

6. Manual and automation testing


Main challenges

The project’s main challenge was the incomplete vision of the finished product and its underlying functionality. To resolve this challenge, we gathered a large focus group to identify the future user’s needs and preferences and deliver a product to match those accurately.


Using LinkedIn for reference, we defined the platform’s main shortcomings:

  • A lack of control over access, which spawns fake accounts
  • Insufficient moderation, which enables fraudulent schemes
  • Limited categories to highlight work experience
  • No sense of community to connect with people from the music and touring industry

Tools and technologies

Tech stack:

  • NestJS
  • React
  • Postgres
  • Prisma
  • TypeScript
  • Git

Tools & third-party integrations:

  • Cloudinary
  • Retool
  • Twilio
  • Stripe

Infrastructure services:

  • AWS


  • February 2023 – October 2023


  • 1 project manager / business analyst
  • 1 UI/UX designer
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 3 software developers

Value delivered to business

Abto Software successfully delivered the only employment-focused network that serves music professionals – no more playing around on how to showcase your talent using generalized format templates in LinkedIn!


By providing this platform to customers, the business can leverage:


  • User engagement and retention

The platform is fostering meaningful connections between professionals by providing restricted membership, thus contributing to trust and loyalty and encouraging continued engagement and retention.


  • Market differentiation and competitiveness

Our platform is establishing as the premier destination for professionals in the music and touring industry, thereby differentiating it from potential competitors.


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