Abto Software delivers unique high-end software development solutions to multiple worldwide enterprises varying in scale and domain. Our resourceful IT experts possess in-depth experience in developing top-notch software applications serving diverse corporate needs and satisfying customers' demands.

Abto Software's dedicated teams have good command of the latest-edge programming technologies and skills allowing to accomplish projects within the budget and time limits. Please take a look at our extensive software development portfolio, containing various sophisticated projects successfully accomplished for our customers around the globe.


Mobile Contacts

The purpose of this application is to provide people with mobile phones the ability to easily exchange contact information. The application involves the interaction of two parties: User and Contact. User can register the application by setting up a username and password. The user can then either via the phone or the Web site enter …

Easy Communication App for Tenants and Landlords

Abto Software has designed and developed the Resident Connect, a mobile application to simplify communication between tenants and landlords. Our customer is a global provider of the premiere cloud-based property management software solutions for the multi-residential market. Resident Connect App is an application for tenants and landlords. It allows accomplishing a set of important actions …

Quilt Calculator

Abto developed Quilt Calculator – an iPhone application for sewers’ needs. They can enter the following data: canvas size, pattern, edges, and fiber thickness and obtain information on the canvas quantity required.

Marketing Website for Products

Abto Software’s team of experts developed a marketing website for promoting Share Point products delivered by our customer inSwitzerland. Our web developers created a customized theme for the website and added all the sections including Documentation, Video Tutorials, News, etc. The website created by our developers is responsive, easy-to-navigate and has visually attractive design.

A Website for Colorado Medical Center, US

Based in Colorado, US, our customer – a Medical Center, providing urgent-emergent care, orthopaedics, cardiology, childbirth, surgery and plastics, experienced issues with their website speed. The center’s website was initially created basing on Umbraco CMS, so the task of Abto Software specialists was to technologically improve and optimize the website’s performance. We managed to significantly …

NightTickets Apps

Abto Software’s team created an excellent NightTickets application for its customer – a Swiss universal bank with an AAA rating that provides comprehensive financial services to consumers, businesses, and enterprises. By means of NightTickets Apps the bank is able to give some additional service to its customers: easy and fast purchasing additional night train tickets.The …

Aobo Blocker

Aobo Website Blocker Porn Filter provides effective tools for blocking questionable material from your computer. Its simple setup and secretive blocking technique make this a great tool for parents.

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