Hardware / Embedded

Nowadays embedded software development is gaining more importance in automotive, consumer electronics and other industries striving to foster innovation into their production cycle. Keeping pace with ever growing customers’ needs, we provide high quality hardware/embedded development services to scalable Construction, Telecommunications and Healthcare institutions and companies. Abto Software has built a great hardware/embedded projects portfolio and a wealth of experience in delivering top-notch hardware/embedded applications development for medical equipment, aircraft, microcontrollers, Real Time Operating Systems, diverse office equipment, etc. We are able to achieve the highest quality in software development due to scrupulous work and utilization of the most appropriate technologies such as .NET, C, C++, Assembler and others.


Abto’s Automated Counting Solution for Production Lines

Ukrainian bakery factory contacted Abto Software to help them improve their counting system for production lines. The customer’s solution was designed to count loaves of bread, rolls on the conveyor belt. The initial version of the production counting system was designed and developed in MATLAB and had certain limits and restrictions: The automated system could …

Automatic Vehicle Detection and License Plate Recognition

Customer: a technology company, Israel. Our automatic license plate recognition software is designed to detect, scan and recognise vehicle license number plates in real-time by processing video footage from CCTV camera. Such a software potentially can be used for revenue control, automation and security applications. Instead of limiting the function of the cameras for these …

Eye & Gaze Tracking Software for Educational and Marketing Research

Abto Software engineers are working on a comprehensive project for our customer from Germany, the leader in eye & gaze tracking technologies. Eye tracking captures natural human behavior and provides unbiased data which empowers the researchers to make effective conclusions regarding person’s performance. Eye-tracking techniques with human-computer interaction as the concept background are used in diverse disciplines …

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