Our Methodology

We Offer Customized Approach

Our approach ensures smooth cost-saving and comfortable applications migration to .NET. Abto Software’s skilled specialists accurately study customers’ requirements and migration necessity. A well-defined application update plan is elaborated in order to make it reliable and adaptable. Our customers obtain speedy transition from the legacy systems to the new one without losing application functionality and its initial goals. We strive to assure that the final product design allows maximum utilization of the MS.NET advantages. At Abto Software we use cutting-edge technologies, so your software meets highest modern demands.

Migration Services We Offer

We provide excellent quality migration services. We realize the vitality of integrating the application with other enterprises systems. Our specialists are able to scale up the existing system according to users’ number and sufficiently extend the application functionality. As a result our valued customers obtain functionally equivalent easy-to-deploy high-end solutions. We take care of all the migration stages, including: requirements analysis, assessments, code migration, testing etc.

Services we provide:

  • Refactoring;
  • Reverse engineering;
  • Modern approaches applied (object oriented, three-tier, modern database and business logics layers approach);
  • Highest grade meaningful variable naming;
  • Manual optimization and understanding, knowledge transfer;
  • Meaningful comments.

Benefits of Migrating to .NET

Migration to .NET done by Abto can bring multiple benefits to a variety of enterprises. This framework is designed to increase the speed and security of your applications and also supports different programming languages. .NET framework may be seamlessly integrated into your businesses workflow. It’s easy to deploy and maintain and can assure some major cost-savings.

Major .NET Migration benefits:
Seamless deployment
Web service supportMultilingual support
Sufficient Learning resources
Standards integration: XML, SOAP, etc
Mobile devices support
Managed code

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