Abto Software helped a rapidly-growing fitness company migrate their fitness platform to the cloud and complete native Android and iOS mobile application development. Moreover, our engineers assisted with transforming the application into a SaaS solution to help the client expand their market reach and attract new customers. Our team works closely with the client’s in-house experts by offering support and maintenance, developing new features, and customizing the SaaS solution to the specific needs of customers. Read on to learn more about our cooperation.


About the project

Our cooperation began in March of 2020. The customer approached Abto Software to obtain additional engineers to facilitate the migration of the existing web fitness solution into the cloud. Additionally, they required mobile application development experts to help expand their solution’s functionality by developing native Android and iOS apps. 

Finally, part of the client’s business strategy was expanding their market reach with a customizable SaaS solution. Abto Software provided experienced engineers who have integrated and now cooperate with the client’s three separate teams: the Web team, the Mobile team, and the SaaS team. 

Global online fitness market - statistics for US
Source: RunRepeat

Our services:

  • Software development of new features
  • SaaS solution customization to the specific needs of customers
  • Maintenance & support

Features and third-party integrations of the fitness app

1. Online streaming of fitness classes

The solution allows trainers to perform video fitness classes and engage with their customers in real-time.

2. Tracking and sharing achievements

App users can track their achievements and share them with each other.

3. Synchronization with wearable devices

a. Apple watch

b. MyZone

c. FitBit

d. Garmin

4. CRM system

Integration with a CRM system allows our client’s customers to manage and monitor all app users, handle payments, etc.

5. FitRadio

FitRadio integration enables live licensed radio broadcasts that can be used by all end-users of the application.

6. Agora

Agora streaming solutions enhance the interactivity of real-time streaming of fitness classes. It enables interactive exchanges between the coach and the app users without any delays or time lags.

Usage of wearable fitness trackers and health apps
Source: Gallup

Project results

Abto Software helped the client improve the functionality and performance of the existing fitness solution. Additionally, we completed software development of a new SaaS solution that allows our customer to enter the new market and significantly expand their customer reach. Abto Software’s team continues cooperation with the client by improving and customizing the solution, as well as developing new features.

Technologies Stack & Team Composition

Tech stack

  • AngularJS
  • .NET
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Storage
  • Redis Cache
  • Azure SignalR
  • CosmosDB
  • AzureService bus
  • Agora
  • Azure Media Services
  • Azure Search Service


  • March 2020 – ongoing


  • 2 Frontend developers 
  • 3 Backend developers 
  • 3 QA engineers
  • 1 iOS developer
  • 1 Android developer
  • 1 project manager

Business value delivered by Abto Software team:

1. Increased market reach and revenue growth with the creation of a white-label version of the solution which can be supplied to our client’s customers. Our experts are also involved in solution customization for each customer.

2. Facilitated business growth with mobile application development on Android and iOS.

3. Better and more flexible scaling to up to 1000 users was achieved by developing a CI pipeline that facilitated solution migration to the cloud. Azure SQL and Azure Storage were used to increase solution scalability and make it more flexible.  

4. Enhanced functionality with various third-party integrations, such as CRM, FitRadio, Agora streaming, and synchronization with wearable devices, including Apple watch, MyZone, FitBit, and Garmin.

5. Improved user experience with real-time face-to-face communication without delays, performance, or responsiveness issues. Abto Software helped the client increase the solution’s request processing speed by 100 times with the use of Redis Cache.

Mobile App Development

Writing software that is accessible anytime everywhere


The migration of the fitness app to the cloud allowed our client to optimize costs, improve solution scalability and flexibility, and accelerate their time-to-market. Building the two native mobile apps, combined with software development of the SaaS solution helped the customer expand to a completely new market, offering their solution to new customers and boosting their revenue. 

Both Abto Software’s engineers and the client’s experts enjoy efficient cooperation supported by effective communication. We are involved in all three branches of solution development: web and mobile application development, as well as SaaS improvement and customization. The tangible positive results of our cooperation encourage our customer to scale our partnership further.

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