Abto Software’s team created a unique solution for the world’s leading expert marketplace – JustAnswer. Our client needed a platform that would handle heavy traffic, different payment systems, secure subscriptions, and speak with users in their own language. Our .NET web development team did an amazing job. Today, JustAnswer is ranked as one of the top 200 web solutions with exceptional website localization.

Read here how Abto Software’s dedicated team handled outstanding platform development.

  1. What is JustAnswer
  2. .NET web development
  3. Platform functionality
  4. Website localization
  5. Chatbot development
  6. Dedicated team
  7. Conclusions

What is JustAnswer?

Our client offers a unique service. Millions of people from all over the globe come to their website and ask for advice. Doctors and vets, lawyers and mechanics, electricians and plumbers – over 10,000 professionals are ready to help.


JustAnswer LLC has been running since 2003 and 24/7. Service already helped more than 8,000,000 people!


Starting from the US, the service significantly grew. Today it is available in almost 200 countries. With such a steep growth curve, they realized the need for a dedicated software development team. We started our cooperation in .NET Web Development in 2012 and have been working hand in hand for years.


Why we choose .NET web development for the project

Microsoft developed the .NET framework to overcome a lot of app development problems. For example, to shorten development time, lower software cost, and increase the security level. Today, the framework supports building and running software apps for different platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, and all the major mobile operating systems.

Thus, if we omit technical details, which advantages a business can get from the .NET framework?

.NET Web Development advantages for business:

1. Less coding – less time – less cost
.NET reduces unnecessary code through object-oriented programming, reusable code, and components. All this saves time for developers and spending for business.

2. Enhanced application security
ASP. NET (Active Server Pages .NET) allows building dynamic web apps with Windows confirmation and configuration. CLR and managed code give developers additional features like code access security and role-based security. Secured users – secured business.

3. Cross-platform solutions
.Net Core, as a part of the .NET framework, allows building apps for different types of platforms, and browsers, for mobile and desktop. For businesses, it means additional opportunities to reach their customers.

4. Easier software deployment and maintenance
Private components, controlled code sharing, and no-impact applications make .NET web development and app maintenance quick and easy. Which again saves development time and prevents extra spending for application owners.

5. Constant improving
.NET framework has regular updates and releases. It continuously improves performance, security, accessibility, and more. As a result, businesses can keep their application up to date and be able to overcome competitors.

All these advantages are proved by statistics. .NET framework keeps increasing in usage all over the world. According to Statista, in 2020 .NET was the second most popular framework among professionals.

Most used frameworks and tools among developers, as of 2020

Source: Statista

As of 2021, .NET usage has reached 34.2%, making the framework the most popular among developers at the time.

Most used frameworks, libraries and tools among developers worldwide, stats for 2021

Source: Statista

Platform functionality

Therefore, Abto Software’s dedicated team built a multi-component platform for JustAnswer using .NET web development. The platform consists of two websites, one of which is for service users. Another is a separate part for experts with the interface and features tailored for their needs.

Key platform features

Real-time mode, 24/7
Secure online payment
Free trial
Multilingual support
Chat, emails, messaging
Event registration
Checklist for website localization by Abto Software

Our dedicated software development team
created a platform with:

  • Ability to handle heavy traffic;
  • Centralized event registration, product download, membership and subscription;
  • Website localization for USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, the UK;
  • Integration with Marin – an automatic bidding functionality;
  • API integration with payment services Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Sofort, and others;
  • Integrations with location-based reputation systems and social media platforms;
  • User path tracking and analytic reports;
  • Multiple levels of cache including DNS, Load balancer, Microsoft IIS, in-memory DB;
  • Integration with Adobe DTM and Google Analytics;
  • Excellent performance and easy maintainability in the high-load environment;
  • TB of data and cumbersome library structured in an easy-to-handle database.

Website localization

Today, our client’s services are available in 196 countries. At the beginning of our cooperation, they were only planning to expand their business to new locations. As follows, our client needed internationalized code or website localization services.

What is website localization?

How to provide the most useful experience for website users? First of all, to talk with them in their native language. But translation is not everything. To be closer to website users in a specific country, you need to identify their needs, create resources, and add them to the application files. The app should recognize when specific language needs to appear. Still, the base code of the application shouldn’t be changed with every new language.

Checklist for website localization:

  1. Choose the right encoding for special characters (UTF-8, UTF-16, or other);
  2. Decide which layout to use: right-to-left (ex, Arabic), left-to-right (ex, Western), vertical (East Asian), or probably all of the writing systems;
  3. Determ on how much space will be needed to display content in all languages you need;
  4. Display colours, images, first and last names in a culturally sensitive way;
  5. Check if your URLs are structured right for every language;
  6. Allow the users to select a language, even if your display language is based on the browser settings or IP address. There are always personal preferences and countries like Switzerland with several national languages;
  7. Make payment methods available for users from every specific country;
  8. Make sure you can easily maintain the website and update all its versions with the original one.


Chatbot development

Our client aimed to give their users fast and easy access to platform benefits. For that reason, Abto’s dedicated team created an AI-driven chatbot.


How does an AI chatbot work? Step one: it reacts to specific keywords, phrases, and patterns in the user’s messages. Step two: chatbot generates predefined responses. Our chatbot has a function of conversation prediction for better interpretations. Also, category recognition was built-in to distinguish more informative details.


To create a proper AI chatbot, our development team researched the platform users needs and requests. All dialogues were optimized for more meaningful conversations. As a result, we created a reliable system that interacts with millions of users and provides better, more personal engagement.

AI-driven Chatbot Development

Empower communication with your customers.


Dedicated team

To realize all the needs of our fast-growing client, Abto Software gathered an impressive dedicated software development team. We needed to find many high-skilled developers who can run a multi-component platform with massive website localization.


Abto Software built a dedicated team that included:

  • 81 full-stack software engineer
  • 20 QA engineers
  • 4 data analysts
  • 3 UI/UX designers
  • 2 product managers
  • 1 DevOps
  • 1 engineering manager


Years of our cooperation resulted in hundreds of new locations, millions of satisfied users, and the great amount of money our client earned. Our dedicated software development team of 112 professionals built a unique platform. It consists of two websites, supports multiple languages and currencies, easily handles heavy traffic, and welcomes its users with a high-quality AI Chatbot.


As a result, JustAnswer was named as one of the top 200 web solutions by Quantcast, the leading global Internet rating service.


Need a reliable .NET web development and/or dedicated team? Your perfect team is waiting for you!


Scope of technologies that we used for platform development:

Programming Languages

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript (Jquery, Underscore, NodeJS, Jasmine, gulp, npm)
  • UNIX shells
  • Python/PHP (Drupal)
  • SQL (TSQL)

DB Management Systems

  • MS SQL Server
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • Elasticsearch/SOLR


  • MS Visual Studio 2015
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Selenium, JMeter
  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • A/B Testing (testpaths, Optimizely)
  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • Dynatrace
  • Screaming Frog
  • Rally, TestRail

For Chatbot development

  • ChatScript
  • NodeJs
  • nginx
  • Anaconda 3, (Jupyter notebooks)
  • Python 3.5, (scikit, nltk – toolkits)
  • Flask
  • QuickBase
  • Data management team


  • .NET 4.6
  • Web Forms
  • LINQ

SQL Server 2016 toolset

  • SSRS – reporting services
  • SSIS – integration services
  • SSAS – analysis services
  • SQL Server 2016 features such as – Columnar Storage, temporal tables, in memory tables
  • NoSQL – elastic search and kibana (ELK)


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