ASP.NET MVC Framework for Web Application Development ASP.NET MVC is an excellent web application development framework that allows to rapidly build robust and scalable enterprise class web applications, dynamic websites, interactive pages and services. ASP.NET MVC inherits its strongest sides from ASP.NET — a powerful server side technology built on the basis of Common Language Runtime (CLR). It allows software developers to build rich web applications using any of the .NET-supported languages.

Being the constituent element of .NET Framework (ASP.NET MVC 1.0 was released in March 2009 with preview versions dating back to 2007), ASP.NET MVC possesses all the .NET features.

Over the recent several years ASP.NET MVC framework has become a popular choice among programmers for building all kinds of web applications and services. It provides all the appropriate tools and libraries for rapid building and deployment of enterprise class server based applications. ASP.NET MVC boasts an enhanced compatibility: it supports HTML/JS, WML and XML, VB.NET, C#, J# and JScript.NET. Visual Studio can also be successfully used for building ASP.NET MVC Web applications.

ASP.NET MVC Framework combines a set of major advantages, especially when it comes to web based server application development. It is tightly integrated with Windows server and programming tools. Consequently, ASP.NET MVC web applications are easier to develop, debug and deploy. All these actions can be performed within the integrated development environment called Visual Studio .NET.

ASP.NET MVC Framework popularity is based on the ASP.NET features that deliver the following advantages to software application development:

High-level performance

ASP.NET has an advantage over other script-based technologies because of its automatic compiling the server-side code to DLLВ filesВ on theВ Web server. ASP.NET elevates its performance by using the advantages of JIT compilation, runtime profiling, automatic memory management and resource optimization, exception handling, early binding and better caching.

Simplified application development

With ASP.NET MVC the reduction of the amount of required code greatly simplifies application development. A scalable web application can be built quickly and in a much simpler way. Pages are much easier to write due to HTML support. Apart from an easy programming model, ASP.NET MVC Framework, while remaining very lightweight compared to ASP.NET Web Forms, offers enhanced protection, high testability and perfect integration with all the existing ASP.NET features.

Large family of supported languages

ASP.NET supports all the CLR compatible languages which are more than 25 languagesВ and has a built-in support for VB.NET, C#, J#. This provides programmers with unprecedented language choice and allows them to concentrate solely on the development process. There is no need for a developer to waste time on learning new programming languages in order to complete the project. As a result, time and efforts are saved. With ASP.NET MVC you can code your web applications in a dozen of the most popular languages while maintaining excellent performance.ASP.NET MVC Framework is easy to learn and use for any developer with only a little or even no MVC-based development experience.

Simplified app deployment process

Deploying web applications has become much easier with ASP.NET MVC. The entire application can be deployed rapidly by simply copying it to the server. You don’t need to В registerВ any components, and configuration settings are stored in an XML file within the application. Prior to deployment, every component can be tested independently of others. Simplified deployment means saving a lot of time which can be used for vital software development process activities.

This is just a small list of advantages of using ASP.NET MVC Framework for web application development. Among the others benefits of ASP.NET MVC are:

  • clean code organisation that provides excellent support for TDD, easy extension of app functionality and code maintenance ,
  • on-the-fly updates of deployed ASP.NET web applications without restarting the server,
  • easy applications configurations,
  • great mobile devices support,
  • rich output user interface В (HTML/JS) that developer that developer has full control of, and many others.

We at Abto Software have an extensive in-depth experience in ASP.NET Applications Development, including Web Based Applications, Applications for E-commerce, Desktop Application development, etc. Our aim is to develop affordable, robust and excellent quality solutions perfectly matching our customers’ business needs.

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