Our Computer Vision engineers have developed a video analytics module that manages slip and fall accidents in real-time. The solution generates an alert when someone falls down within the monitored area and sends the alert together with the video feed to the designated person – it can be an elderly caretaker, a police officer, a security staff member or a location administrator.

Backed up by extensive, domain-specific expertise in AI pose detection, employing Deep Learning models together with advanced image processing techniques allowed us to reach 85% accident detection accuracy while maintaining real-time video stream processing.

Business Value

24/7 Video Processing with Real-time Alerts

Slip and fall accidents are reported in real-time while the system works continuously without disruption or downtime.

Data Visualization and 3rd Party Integration

Each accident is written into the database and displayed on the web-accessible dashboard with easily configurable views giving the administrator at a glance awareness of the current safety status in the monitored facility. This information can be automatically exported to the 3rd party reporting or data management systems via API or other methods.

GDPR Compliance

The fall detection system does not rely on or utilize in any way facial recognition or person identification technologies. It does not collect any sensitive or personal data and is fully GDPR compliant.

Areas of Applications

Health Facilities

Both patients and caregivers are vulnerable to falling on hospital premises as medical staff often face work fatigue while patients can be at risk because of their age or medication effects. Early fall detection ensures quick response of the health professionals and minimizes the negative outcome of the accident.


Fake slip and fall claims cause shopping malls substantial financial losses. Collecting video evidence through camera-based fall detection is one of the most effective ways of discovering staged accidents and preventing fraudulent insurance payouts.

Construction & Manufacturing

Slip, trip, and fall accidents account for 28% of all fatal and 23% of all nonfatal occupational injuries in construction and manufacturing industries. With an automatic fall detection system, employers can identify and eliminate fall hazards to build a safer workplace for their employees.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Automatically analyze video from your existing camera network to create a smart, safe environment.


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