Customer: a technology company, Israel.

Our automatic license plate recognition software is designed to detect, scan and recognise vehicle license number plates in real-time by processing video footage from CCTV camera. Such a software potentially can be used for revenue control, automation and security applications. Instead of limiting the function of the cameras for these purposes, the images from the cameras can be captured and analysed for further decision making processes. Vehicle images and data are scanned and processed in the back-office subsystem over a wireless connection. User can access the data through a mobile application on their Android smartphone and tablet devices anytime they wish. Customers do not need any  training to install license plate recognition software and a camera that is provided by our client’s company.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Automatically analyze video from your existing camera network to create a smart, safe environment.

Team and Technologies

Our client started with its own internal development team and later decided to partially outsource development to an IT subcontractor. The client soon understood that there was a great need to broaden their skill competencies to cover upcoming development plans. As per client’s requirements Abto Software has built a project team of two Android developers, a UX specialist, three full-stack web developers, a project manager, QA engineer, computer vision engineer, and C++ developer.

The back-end development tech stack: PHP, Laravel, Node.js, Amazon Web Services: S3, RDS, SQS, SNS, Database: MySQL.

Web UI tech stack: AngularJS, HTML, CSS.

Mobile Camera:  Android.

Data Modeling and Architecture: machine learning, image/video processing, Haar Cascades.


  • Camera software works under any conditions: illumination, weather, etc
  • Work in real-time environment
  • Minimize false positive results of license plate recognition
  • Vehicle detection
  • Vehicle direction
  • High performance, since in most cases the vehicle is a moving object
  • Powerful synergy with the client’s suite of vehicle recognition products
  • Poor file resolution, usually because the plate is too far away, or blurry images, particularly motion blur
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple video streams from CCTV cameras on different devices

Features of ALPR software

The project objectives were to develop an automatic vehicle detection and license plate recognition software, available as a paid cloud web service.

  • customizable dashboard panel of web service
  • user, if needed can set up a cross-checking of license plates against various databases provided by councils, governments and police authorities
  • LRR software can proactively alert a user based on predefined alert criteria
  • A user of LPR can additionally set up alerts with photo captures of the vehicles


Abto Software project team has developed accurate and easy to install wireless vehicle detection and license plate recognition system. The LPR system is marketed towards small and medium businesses, and licensed on a subscription basis. Automatic vehicle detection and license plate recognition software potentially can be used to improve revenue control, as a system component in automation and security applications. The system can:

  • Help police, or security agency scan and identify cars
  • Secure border crossing by assessing if a car is suspicious
  • Parking garages can automatically open just by recognizing the tenant’s plates
  • Parking Service companies can better monitor entry and exit
  • Traffic signal optimization
  • Detect Highway accidents
  • Monitor traffic of prohibited areas, no parking space

Customers do not need any special technical knowledge to set up license plate recognition system and a camera, which in turn , allows to eliminate installation costs.  If you would like to know more how we can help in your business case, please fill out the form below.


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