Abto Software is a tech company with extensive expert knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. For the past years, we have been providing our services to successful healthcare providers all around the globe, preliminary for the US. One of Abto Software’s recent projects was the upgrade of an existing Electronic Health Record system’s user interface for a Canadian client. The result of our fruitful cooperation was the implementation of a new user interface for the EHR system in place, which allows the company to provide high-quality services and scale the business.


Our client

Our client is a global company providing healthcare tech solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical institutions. The client’s flagship product is an advanced platform with an EHR system.

The main tech trend all over the world – and we are talking not only about healthcare but other industries too – is the major transition to ever greater digitalization and more efficient communication. The solution with the EHR system for clinicians provided by our client allows hospitals to optimize operational processes, from new patient registration to reporting.

Designing a new user interface for an obsolete EHR system for a Canadian medical software provider

December 2021, our team took over a project for a Canadian provider. The client’s main request was to upgrade the user interface of the outdated system in place, completely based on Angular.JS.

stages of the initiated project

Accessing the existing system

Comprehensive research

Architecture design

Consultations with experts
on the solution’s concept

Re-coding from
Angular.JS to React

Testing and consultations
with experts on the project’s results

The stages of the initiated project:

1. Accessing the existing system
2. Comprehensive research
3. Architecture design
4. Consultations with external experts on the solution’s concept
5. Code replacement – re-coding from obsolete Angular.JS to React
6. Testing and consultations with external experts on the project’s results

Main features of the updated, serviceable EHR system

The updated Electronic Health Record system is, in simple terms, a large, secure warehouse for important patient data. It facilitates the work of clinicians and improves the quality of medical services provided. With the help of the updated EHR system, nurses and attending physicians get access to important patient data in just a few clicks. Mentioned data includes allergies, diagnoses, diets, medication plans, medical notes, and patients’ treatment statuses.

Nurses and attending physicians get access to the following information:

  • Care plans
  • Medical notes
  • Medication passes
  • Treatment passes
  • Lab reports
  • Wound tracking

…and more!

Updating an EHR system’s user interface for a Canadian medical software provider: Main challenges

Our team has faced several challenges:

1. Constraints from the customer.

The back-end had to remain unchanged, the front-end (user interface) of the EHR system had to be re-written from the outdated Angular.JS to React.

2. Too much business logic on the front-end side.

Previously written in Angular.JS, the system had a lot of business logic on the front-end side. 

3. Legal aspects.

4. The need for integration of individual custom controls.

The system required customization for specific behavior control to support the website’s core functionality.

Our specialists reused the business logic of the existing system as much as possible, where possible. Where it appeared to be impossible, the team found alternatives that would allow the implemented system to function as usual.

A Comprehensive Guide to a Comprehensive EHR System

Main results of the successful cooperation

As a result of our cooperation, our client:

  • Can significantly optimize the EHR system’s maintenance costs 
  • Can provide medical institutions with a robust system that holds all the patient data necessary for upscale treatment

Business value of an updated, serviceable EHR system

  • The replacement of an unsupported technology to exclude the risk of sensitive data leakage 
  • Sticking to the previously implemented style to retain the ability to use the tool in a usual way, but with the capacity to modernize the solution further in the future

Technology Stack:

  • .Net
  • React 
  • React Hooks
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Redux
  • CSS

Final words

The development of Electronic Health Record systems is a promising trend. Evermore medical institutions consider digitalization to optimize their internal operational processes. Electronic Health Record systems are an efficient solution to many of the operational challenges faced by healthcare providers all around the world. Talking about market drivers, experts believe the adoption of EHR systems will propel market expansion and boost product demand, so it’s no wonder medical institutions are into the trend.

During the overviewed project, our team was able to upgrade an outdated EHR system, thus providing a handy solution for medical personnel. And this is despite some difficulties associated with the obvious shortcomings of the EHR system in place.

Risk is taking your business to the next level. Collaborate with experienced providers.

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An Electronic Health Record stores important medical data. Mentioned information may be available anytime to different authorized centers, including hospitals, nursing houses, laboratories, governments, and others.

As already mentioned above, an Electronic Health Record stores important patient data. This information includes notes about allergies, diagnoses, diets, medication and treatment plans, and more.

The benefits of an advanced EHR:

  • Improved communication between clinicians.

An electronic health record can be easily created, edited, archived, or deleted by clinicians working in different departments and institutions. 

  • Historical tracking.

Old records might be very helpful in case the patient has changed their primary attending physician.

  • Patient monitoring.

Important information about allergies, diagnoses, diets, and more, can be stored in one place.

  • Improved quality of the service provided.

An electronic health record is a perfect solution for reducing the workload of clinicians, which means improved quality of the service provided.

  • Budget savings.

By optimizing operational processes, medical institutions can significantly cut costs. 

  • Improved security.

Advanced software allows companies to safely store sensitive patient data.

If you have decided to develop an EHR, there’s one main risk to consider – incompetent contractors. Make sure to hire experienced specialists to be afterward happy with the delivered results.


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