Governmental entities have to deal with unique challenges like increased compliance and government transparency requirements. Striving to provide better services they select digital strategy with agile software development techniques. Abto Software's experts received deep experience in Government software development by providing innovative solutions in such areas as Research/Modeling, Security, E-learning, Mobile Development  for Government institutions.

Our high-end Government applications development services allow public institutions to improve overall workflow efficiency, eliminate the cost of maintaining legacy systems and respond to ever-changing requirements in time and cost-effectively. Abto Software utilizes diverse cutting-edge tools to deliver numerous solutions for Governmental transportation, security, statistics, resources management, community services and other needs.

Check out the list of Government software projects and solutions developed by our company.


Comprehensive Cloud-Based e-Procurement and e-Sourcing Platform

Customer Overview Our client is a European provider of e-Procurement and e-Sourcing solutions. The award-winning software is used worldwide including the European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Singapore, and the United States both by private and public sector companies. Abto Software has been responsible for the development and maintenance of the whole suite of e-Procurement …

Automatic Vehicle Detection and License Plate Recognition

Customer: a technology company, Israel. Our automatic license plate recognition software is designed to detect, scan and recognise vehicle license number plates in real-time by processing video footage from CCTV camera. Such a software potentially can be used for revenue control, automation and security applications. Instead of limiting the function of the cameras for these …

Cloud-Based Data-Driven Energy Efficiency Management Software for Governmental Institutions

Energy efficiency continues to be a national imperative across EU, driven by the multiple challenges of the need for security of energy supply, dealing with fluctuating energy costs and addressing global climate change. We developed and designed a highly effective Energy Management Reporting software to monitor the usage of all energy resources. Main Features of Energy …

Biometric Application for Face Detection and Recognition

Application: security and surveillance. Customer: an EU-based company, provider of brand security solutions. It is more important than ever to increase security at events. To this end, we see more and more checks that rely on different forms of identification documents (IDs) such as driver’s licenses and passports.  Facial recognition is a powerful technology and …

Railway Operational System Development and Upgrade

Abto Software is proud to have among its customers Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways), the State Administration of Railroad Transportation in Ukraine that controls the majority of the railroad transportation in Ukraine. The Ukrainian railroad network is considered to be the 14th largest in the world (over 23,000 km). Ukrzaliznytsia is also the world’s 6th largest rail …

Enterprise Solution for Water Utilities Management

The system, created on the basis of MS Dynamics CRM for administration, accounting, creating databases, efficient workflow management, and customer information, is a universal product that can be used in various Public Utilities organizations. It guarantees considerable cost savings to various businesses and vertical markets due to systemizing the whole workflow including billing process and …

Commodities and Utilities Consumption Management System

Our IT experts participated in a scalable joint project for a customer from Belgium – a worldwide known provider of diverse services and solutions in Facility Management sphere serving Fortune Global 100 companies. The project we worked on is a scalable system designed to manage the consumption of various utilities and commodities such as electricity, …

Access Control Module

There are different applications (web or desktop) implemented by one vendor. All of them need to log the user in and give him appropriate access according to the roles and permissions he has. The goal is to reduce the amount of redundant implementations and standardize and centralize the account access for all applications. A user …

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