Automatic Vehicle Detection and License Plate Recognition

automatic vehicle detection and license plate recognition software

Customer: a technology company, Israel. Our automatic license plate recognition software is designed to detect, scan and recognise vehicle license number plates in real-time by processing video footage from CCTV camera. Such a software potentially can be used for revenue control, automation and security applications. Instead of limiting the function of the cameras for these …

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Counterfeit Product Detection Using Smartphone

counterfeit detection application

ABTO Software keeps pace with the latest technology developments and trends. For two years our company has been working with a well-established European partner on the algorithms in the image processing technologies. Our App detects fake consumer goods with 95% accuracy Team and Technologies Our software engineers conducted a scientific research and developed a library …

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Codes Police Interview

codes-polis-interview (1)

Codes Police Interview is a program designed by ABTO specifically for video and audio recording of police questioning. The program has an integrated possibility to burn resulting video/audio files to CD/DVD and upload them to the server using Web DAV.

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Compliant Enterprise Server (CES)


ABTO Software specialists generated a truly superb application that can be utilized for a number of industries including banking and finance, military, government and security institutions. The initial challenge was to create a stable, secure and robust solution allowing to record phone calls, voice mails and SMS within the separate institution. These features are absolutely …

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Mobile Call Recording System (MCR)

ABTO Software Mobile Call Recording System Creplay

Mobile Call Recording (MCR) System is developed by ABTO Software specifically for Scandinavian and European financial establishments’ security departments. It allows them to record all mobile voice call conversations within this very financial organization network and arrange them into a database. 

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