Security is an increasingly important issue in modern online and mobile world. Numerous enterprises and institutions are striving to protect their confidential corporate data against unauthorized access and leakage. Abto Software accomplished a set of security development projects for maintaining robust corporate protection in digital environments.

Our superb solutions include software licensing and person identification tools, software for establishing authorization levels, calls and questioning recording, and this list is still incomplete. To create top-quality security applications we utilize cutting-edge technologies including .NET, C++, Java, etc. Quite a number of  Construction organizations drive benefits from our security services.


Camera-Based Driver Activity Recognition for Driver Monitoring System

Customer Overview Our client is a $50 billion public corporation that provides cutting-edge technology solutions across the globe. One of their fastest-growing divisions is the automotive solutions division that aims at creating new standards for vehicles with the vision of improving driving safety through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The company approached us in 2019 …

AI-Driven Medical Travel Platform

Customer Overview Our client is a HealthTech startup focused on building a medical travel platform with a mission to help patients find the best treatment options around the globe. The company was looking to ensure an optimal choice of the healthcare facility for its clients through an AI-driven recommendation engine. Such focus on next-gen technologies …

AI-driven Fall Detection Module for Video Analytics Platform

Our Computer Vision engineers have developed a video analytics module that manages slip and fall accidents in real-time. The solution generates an alert when someone falls down within the monitored area and sends the alert together with the video feed to the designated person – it can be an elderly caretaker, a police officer, a …

Automatic Vehicle Detection and License Plate Recognition

Customer: a technology company, Israel. Our automatic license plate recognition software is designed to detect, scan and recognise vehicle license number plates in real-time by processing video footage from CCTV camera. Such a software potentially can be used for revenue control, automation and security applications. Instead of limiting the function of the cameras for these …

Counterfeit Product Detection Using Smartphone

Abto Software keeps pace with the latest technology developments and trends. For two years our company has been working with a well-established European partner on the algorithms in the image processing technologies. Our App detects fake consumer goods with 95% accuracy Team and Technologies Our software engineers conducted a scientific research and developed a library …

Biometric Application for Face Detection and Recognition

Application: security and surveillance. Customer: an EU-based company, provider of brand security solutions. It is more important than ever to increase security at events. To this end, we see more and more checks that rely on different forms of identification documents (IDs) such as driver’s licenses and passports.  Facial recognition is a powerful technology and …

Compliant Enterprise Server (CES)

Abto Software specialists generated a truly superb application that can be utilized for a number of industries including banking and finance, military, government and security institutions. The initial challenge was to create a stable, secure and robust solution allowing to record phone calls, voice mails and SMS within the separate institution. These features are absolutely …

Access Control Module

There are different applications (web or desktop) implemented by one vendor. All of them need to log the user in and give him appropriate access according to the roles and permissions he has. The goal is to reduce the amount of redundant implementations and standardize and centralize the account access for all applications. A user …

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