Abto Software development team started working on the data migration and cloud content management tool for SharePoint and Office 365 for our customer, a SharePoint migration provider from the USA in 2015. Metalogix develops software specifically designed to accelerate and simplify the work with SharePoint document workflow. Through their suite of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Exchange, and OneDrive for Business, file systems, and other emerging cloud-based content destinations, they help take the complexity out of getting the most knowledge from the content.

Our software and quality assurance engineers delivered a high-performance tool to scale and cost-effectively manage, migrate, store, archive and protect enterprise content.

Business Value

Performance. The key value of the SharePoint content and metadata migration tool is that it enables information-driven organizations to know their content. It streamlines the company’s routine workflow processes by providing an integrated migration which includes ongoing management with a focus on security and compliance administration.

Implementation. The tool developed by our software team preserves the file integrity, recognizes symbols and with automatic invalid character replacement simplifies every task for more control and time-saving.

Team and Technologies

The team of 2 Java developers and 2 QAs engaged within  project-based engagement model has been building and testing the desktop tool  applying Java 8,  Eclipse, SWT, Azure, Google Drive API, Box, Dropbox, SharePoint API, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint 2007-2016, Office 365, Mailbox, TFS, Microsoft Test Manager.

Key Features

  • Migration to SharePoint or Office 365
  • Import to SharePoint and export from SharePoint to OneDrive for Business, Office 365
  • Migration between Sharepoint versions
  • Content and metadata migration, edit and archive option (high data volume, projects, pages, folders, incremental migration)
  • Easy-to-use console which simplifies the migration process using drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste controls to move content
  • Permissions and content security management
  • Migrate large amounts of content in bulk or perform granular migrations to move only the needed content (individual sites and collections, lists, content types, documents)
  • Module administration of SharePoint suite
  • Advanced report analysis on SharePoint sites


  • Combine functionality with storages: Microsoft Azure Storage, Amazon S3 Storage and with clouds: Dropbox, oneDrive, Google Drive without compromising on the productivity
  • Achieve the highest migration performance possible within the environment to reduce project costs and timelines with a multi-threaded migration engine.


  • Unlimited data migration
  • Possibility to migrate directly to any SharePoint version
  • Online documentation and user manual
  • Responsive support
  • Enhanced security management
  • Increased visibility
  • Scheduling and comprehensive backup of Sharepoint, Mailbox, OneDrive for Business and Office 365
  • Accelerated data migration with Azure storage

With the help of our development team, our customer provides SharePoint migration tool that’s big on efficiency and low on cost. It includes all the necessary options to complete anything from the basic to the most complex migration tasks.

The comprehensive solution empowers the organizations to manage, migrate and mobilize data, understand and control access, reduce information sprawl and maximize client’s systems and service management.


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