Dedicated team execution model has an edge over traditional pricing and project accomplishment models. As a rule, a dedicated team is hired for an extended period of time and can be considered as a strategic investment as employees obtain deep understanding of customer’s business process and corporate vision. Still not all projects can be successfully executed with this collaboration model. In this article we’ll discuss major scenarios, areas of the dedicated team model application and services traditionally delivered within this execution model.

Dedicated Team Services and Areas of Application

Dedicated team model provides all the necessary resources and skills required for your software development project. You can structure the team of developers to run several projects within a single dedicated team. As a rule, this collaboration model involves highly specialized personnel including architects, software developers, analysts and QA professionals and can be organized in the way to effectively match your business requirements. Please, take a look at a general list of services provided by an average dedicated team:

  • Elaborating the strategy
  • Project planning
  • Management of the project
  • Analytical services
  • Software design and architecture
  • Software application development
  • Software deployment and maintenance
  • Quality Assurance and testing services
  • Providing technical documentation
  • Software configurations and improvements
  • Software app support services
  • Support for the ongoing projects

Generally, the dedicated team model can be used in the majority of software development areas if a project is long-term and requires a high level of control by the customer. The most important issue is to select a set of skills and knowledge according to customer’s strategic goals and project’s peculiarities. Below you can see software development domains a dedicated team is widely used for:

Scenarios when Dedicated Team is Useful

Dedicated team involves professionals working exclusively for the single customer while the team members’ skills are strictly aligned with the client’s requirements. In which cases can such model be beneficial? Let’s take a look at some scenarios where the dedicated team model may bring advantages:

  • Long-term Software Development Projects. As a rule, software apps are evolving for a long period of time; therefore, a developer who has worked on the app since the beginning is able to guide further development process and introduce new ways to improve it.
  • Product Development Start Up. If a company is starting with some product development and has no clearly defined scope of the project, it’s beneficial to use a dedicated team that can implement the product idea rapidly.
  • Creating lean consolidated and rapid response teams. To improve a sales and customer satisfaction level sometimes it’s necessary to employ a team that can provide a quick response to customers’ demands and changing circumstances. Dedicated team is a top choice in this case.

The dedicated team model becomes more and more widely used by multiple companies due to its convenience and mobility. You can hire a dedicated team for prolonged projects requiring knowledge accumulation and total involvement of the team members. While selecting an execution model it’s important to carefully evaluate the advantages and pitfalls of the existing models in your particular case and, if necessary, consult the experts.

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