Hiring a Dedicated Team for Agile Software Development

Hiring a Dedicated Team for Agile Software Development

Dedicated teams are a modern approach towards outsourcing that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The introduction of such dedicated teams, especially in software development, leaves space for undefined requirement’s complementation, is suitable for organizations using modern cloud solutions, and facilitates highly-efficient communication.

What is a dedicated team model?

The dedicated team model is one of the most popular cooperation models implemented in various industries. This approach is suitable for companies aimed at reducing time-to-market without allocating major resources. Switching to the DTM means introducing a fully independent team of specialists. This does not only save time and money but also significantly increases the company’s overall efficiency.

Dedicated team collaboration pricing models include:

  • Fixed-price model This model of collaboration implies regular monthly payment at a fixed budget, regardless of the resources spent on web development, project requirements, programming language, and the tools used.
  • Time and material model This model of collaboration implies payment for the time and effort spent during software development.

Why agile?

A so-called agile methodology is an iterative approach to management, which became increasingly popular in the last years. It enables IT teams to deliver business value to clients in the shortest time. By implementing the agile methods, project managers significantly increase the team’s overall efficiency. Technical requirements, project scope, and deliverables are reviewed for relevance on a regular basis, so the team members can quickly respond to introduced changes.

The popular agile methodology isn’t limited to specific management techniques. Agile methods include groups of methodologies, each aimed at non-stop feedback loops and continuous software development and support.

Choosing agile software development as a business strategy – the structure of a dedicated team

The most important roles in a dedicated team:

The most important roles in a dedicated team
  • Product Owner. The Product Owner is the person, who is mainly responsible for the delivered product.
  • Team Lead. The Team Leader oversees the tasks of individual team members and is mainly responsible for the project management and the team’s productivity in general.

Further roles:

  • Scrum Master
  • Solution Architect
  • Software Developer (usually multiple)
  • QA Engineer

An agile dedicated team can also include a business analyst, as well as designers and copywriters. The structure depends on the project’s specific objectives and the pricing model.

The stages of agile software development are usually as follows:

Stages of agile software development
  • Requirement specification
  • Task distribution 
  • Backlog creation 
  • Schedule elaboration
  • Software development
  • Quality assurance and debugging
  • Product launch
  • Further support

The main business benefits of a dedicated team

An agile dedicated team’s business benefits:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased motivation in delivering high-quality products
  • Access to field knowledge and expertise
  • Full involvement in the development process
  • High scalability
  • Continuous communication

When is it time to switch to the dedicated model?

There is no single universal indicator of when to change the implemented business strategy to be guided by. Every company, no matter whether we are talking about a promising start-up or a global organization, has its unique needs. But still, there are some factors, which help to understand that it is time to consider a new business approach. These include common difficulties with hiring.

Here are some facts to consider:

A lot of resources have to be allocated to headhunting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new employees. This problem can be easily used by contracting an agile development team.

An agile development team is a well-rounded team of specialists with all the roles already covered. Such teams have the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality products in the shortest terms.

The development of technology and digitalization heavily affected all industries. Small and large organizations are experiencing the need to introduce new platforms, mobile applications, and additions. Of course, they are facing many complex challenges. That is why many business leaders are turning to outsourcing.

According to official statistics, the global outsourcing market is expected to reach an astounding 682.3 billion USD by 2027. That means, that outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular approach to covering some internal business processes.


Final words

The introduction of agile dedicated teams as a business strategy provides for greater efficiency and motivation. It gives access to field knowledge, scalability, and continuous communication. Hiring agile dedicated teams provide for full involvement of all team members, including the Product Owner, Team Lead, Scrum Master, software engineers, and others. What’s more, it is way more cost and time-efficient than hunting and hiring internal employees for both short-term and long-term projects.

Abto Software provides agile dedicated teams with the necessary knowledge to develop high-quality products. To get a consultation regarding different cooperation options, please feel free to contact us.

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What exactly is a dedicated model?

Dedicated teams work exclusively on one single project, instead of being involved in several different projects. That means they are more motivated to deliver a product that has no equals.

When does cooperation with a dedicated team really start?

The cooperation with a dedicated team starts long before the coding stage. The contractors focus on the issue the product being developed is going to solve, tech tools to choose and the smallest scope details.

What are the responsibilities of a dedicated team?

The responsibilities of a dedicated team usually include project estimation, product delivery, product support, and self-management.

What pitfalls should be considered when hiring a dedicated team?

The pitfalls to consider are the risk of leakage, poor communication due to cultural differences or time-difference, and relatively long onboarding.

Dedicated Team for Agile Software Development - overview, benefits, how to choose a dedicated team
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