Agile dedicated teams represent a modern approach towards software development outsourcing as it leaves space for undefined requirements complementation, is suitable for cloud systems with permanent upgrades and facilitates highly-effective communication. Dedicated team is committed to your specific project for a prolonged period of time; it obtains deep knowledge of your business and, as a result, better understanding of your needs. In this article we’ll present some major features of dedicated agile software development teams.

Structure of agile dedicated teams

Agile dedicated teams usually consist of Product Owner (customer as a rule), on-shore Scrum or Agile master who takes care of solution design, requirements elaboration and prioritization, Tech Lead — a remote-location team leader; developers responsible for coding and solution implementation and tester/s validating solution against earlier defined requirements.

As a rule, dedicated teams are small groups involving 7+ team members working in tight collaboration and a highly iterative manner of production. Product Owner specifies what piece of software is required and how it’s going to be used, and transfers the requirements to В Scrum/Agile Master who in his/her turn contacts developers’ Tech Lead distributing the tasks between team members and controlling the work.

Product Owner and Scrum Master create a Product Backlog together which is actually a Product Development Roadmap divided into separate functional development objectives and afterwards prioritized. Then Tech Lead elaborates a work plan with the developers and testers team and overlaps with on-shore Scrum manager to perform regular reviews of the accomplished work.

Agile dedicated software development team’s advantages

  • Small agile groups are more compact and effective
  • Customer and the remote team are united by common purposes and values
  • The main risks are early identified and eliminated
  • Dedicated team is highly motivated to introduce innovative solutions
  • Knowledge is continuously accumulated
  • Communication between customer and offshore team is well-established.

Dedicated team responsibilities

  • Project’s volume and complexity estimation
  • Technical solution determination
  • Product delivery
  • Self-management
  • Continuous product improvement

Agile dedicated teams decrease some major risks of offshore software development due to more comprehensive control of project progress by the customer. If used properly agile dedicated team model combines the main advantages of software outsourcing including cost savings, access to highly specialized resources, etc., at the same time maintaining high-level of control and confidence.

Agile Dedicated Software Development Team Overview
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Agile Dedicated Software Development Team Overview
Let's look at a dedicated team as a collaboration model, its advantages and the team's responsibilities. Structure of agile dedicated teams.
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