Recently a dedicated team model has become a very popular solution for the fast-developing enterprises striving to foster innovation and significantly improve their services and products quality. The major advantages of such model are its flexibility and transparency allowing to reduce product’s time-to-market and rapidly enhance key business processes. In this article we will discuss the key benefits and possible disadvantages of the abovementioned collaboration model.

Dedicated team model major advantages

The dedicated team model is widely used for software development projects due to its obvious convenience and a possibility to execute medium and/or large scale projects of different complexity. Please, take a look at some other advantages of dedicated team model approach:

  • Total alignment with your business goals and full control of project’s planning;
  • There is no need to elaborate absolutely clear specifications and precise scope of work. Project requirements can be developed partially both by on-shore and offshore teams in the process of project accomplishment;
  • Dedicated team is engaged solely in your software development project and can be perceived as extension of your IT department;
  • More adjustable contract conditions;
  • Visible and transparent project progress control via regular task status reports;
  • Affordable prices in comparison to other business models;
  • Possibility to select necessary developers for your project and monitor their work with direct access to any team member;
  • Experienced dedicated Project Managers ensuring highly-efficient workflow;
  • Better collaboration between the internal staff and the offshore team and, as a result, more coordinated actions;
  • Reducing context-switching and administrative overhead;
  • Availability of dedicated communication channels which makes it is pretty straightforward without any communication layers;
  • Obtaining more profound domain expertise;
  • Customer retains access to the knowledge obtained by the personnel, while in fixed pricing models developers may be replaced to other projects;
  • Possibility to rapidly scale up the operations when it’s necessary.

Possible disadvantages

Despite all the abovementioned benefits of the dedicated team model some drawbacks also exist:

  • Budget is pretty variable, so it’s more difficult to plan the expenditures;
  • Customer has to spend more time for offshore team management and communication;
  • It’s not very effective for short-term projects when the scope of the project should be clearly defined;
  • Sometimes problems with team members morale may occur as a result of monotony of the tasks;
  • Incomplete use of highly professional specialists’ skills.

The dedicated team approach towards software development outsourcing is more justified for long-term projects when the customer requires complete transparency and control over the accomplished tasks. This pricing model may just perfect to satisfy your specific needs if the project requirements are not clearly defined or you expect them to change in the process of project accomplishment.

The dedicated team model has multiple benefits but still it isn’t suitable in all cases. To select the right solution it’s important to define the project’s objectives, its duration, and the necessity to know precise costs of the project in advance. It’s useful to study information about different pricing models and choose the most suitable solution for your business needs.

Pros & Cons of Dedicated Team in Software Development - Abto Software
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Read about the advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated team - the most popular collaboration models in software development outsourcing.
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