The purpose of this application is to provide people with mobile phones the ability to easily exchange contact information.

The application involves the interaction of two parties: User and Contact.

User can register the application by setting up a username and password. The user can then either via the phone or the Web site enter their contact information. Contact information includes all the information that person may typically have on their business card (first name, last name, phone, email, address, company, photo, etc. Project work consists of: Mobile App, Web App, Database (be able to pull statistics real time).Main functionality:

  • Contact information exchanging;
  • Information access privileges;
  • Instance messaging;
  • Calling to contacts phone number;
  • Contact folders organization;
  • Email sending;
  • Checking registered emails for new incoming emails and automatic inviting users to the system;
  • Reminders;
  • Deploying on several mobile platforms.


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