Our custom-built Agile Project Management System is a web-based tool for streamlined business operation. The solution allows users to create and monitor ongoing projects, track workflows, create and export reports, and use additional features to optimize routine processes and improve overall performance.

The solution is designed to assist aligned teams by streamlining day-to-day communication and cooperation. The system provides for daily reporting, time tracking, and accurate payroll administration.

Quick overview

The solution helps organizations to assess complex projects throughout the software development life cycle. From initial project planning to design, software development, testing, deployment, and launch – the system notably streamlines all processes. 

We built this product to serve our own business needs, but are now happy to provide the tool to customers. Having access to all project details in one secure portal can be game changing in terms of productivity, employee satisfaction, and profitability.

Our solution is designed to optimize business operations:

  • Intuitive creation of profiles, projects, sprints, and tasks
  • Seamless administration of vacations, sick leaves, days off, and payrolls
  • Daily reporting
  • Time tracking
  • Email notifications
  • Bug tracking
  • Role-based access and permissions
  • Advanced reporting and analysis

To improve:

  • Project planning and management
  • Financial management 
  • Employee communication and cooperation
  • Resource allocation

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Core functionality

Active projects and tasks

By using these tabs, the user can display active projects and tasks.

By clicking “Show Details”, one can:

  • Create and view sprints
  • Add tags
  • Overview results
  • Track progress

By clicking “Create New” in the project backlog, one can:

  • Create and view tasks
  • Assign statuses, owners, priorities, and estimates
  • Select types (reports, descriptions, or bugs)
  • Track time

Current workflows

By clicking this tab, the user can view current workflows of all registered employees.

Quick search

By using this feature, the user can search and filter relevant information on projects and tasks, as well as save the filters for later and download the results.

The user can search and filter relevant details by entering:

  • Project
  • Sprint
  • Task owner
  • Task creator
  • Task description
  • Task ID

Assigned devices

This section provides access to all assigned devices, including PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The tab allows to:

  • Filter results
  • Sort results by name, status, user, contact info, and room
  • Assign and reassign devices
  • View history

E-mail notifications

This section helps configure email notifications.

The tab allows to configure email notifications on adjustments related to:

  • Projects
  • Sprints
  • Workflows
  • Estimates

and other important changes.

Maintenance tickets

This section helps to create requests related to technical services, as well as verify and reopen existing maintenance tickets.

How we can help

We at Abto Software use the Agile Project Management system to track and analyze employee performance, request and approve vacations, create and export reports for clients, as well as accurately calculate salaries. Such optimization drives motivation, promising partnerships, and revenue.

Our easy-to-utilize APM system allows teams to perform progress tracking and monitoring in form of so-called burndown charts, so the whole performance can be easily compared to the target baseline set at the initiation. We are also open to providing extra functionality on demand.

We provide:

The intuitive APM system can be run on your server to ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive information. What’s more, the platform is constantly being supported and improved.

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